Which Table Shape Is Suitable For Your Cafe

Cafe Furniture Melbourne Cafe Chairs & TablesThere is more to a cafe than just its aesthetics. Using the right table shape for your cafe is vital for your business. Imagine entering a cafe and beholding the sight of tables with pointy and sharp edges. I can bet you won’t feel comfortable, you will be careful when walking past any table to avoid being injured, right?

Now the question is how do you know the right table shape for your cafe? We will be answering that in the rest of the article.

When it comes to restaurants, diners, and cafe experiences, every little detail counts. These details can make your customers remember your place either for good or bad reasons. The shape and size of your table can also leave a lasting impression.

Although guests are not coming solely because they admire the style, shape, and size of your cafe. If you don’t put much thought into the table shape and size in your cafe to support their dining experience, you might run the risk of forfeiting customers.

Conditions For Choosing The Right Table

1. Aesthetic And Designs

One vital criteria to watch out for when choosing the right table is the design. Ensure they are attractive enough to aid passing trade.

2. Lifespan

If you are planning on having a long-term business, it is important to invest in durable and high-quality tables that will last for a long time. 

3. Size

Ensure you consider the size of your table and if it will fit perfectly into your cafe space. Before purchasing any table, make sure you’ve given serious thought as to where you will place your tables before buying them. Nothing is worse than finding a gorgeous table that doesn’t fit inside your cafe space.

4. Outdoor Needs

Carry out extensive research before buying any table. It is important to purchase the correct size table for your space and purpose. If tables need to be carried in every night, purchasing heavy tables won’t be suitable. Opt for something lightweight.

5. Comfort

The comfort of your guests should be your priority whenever they sit to eat. Be on the lookout for comfortable tables and chairs that will guarantee your guest’s satisfaction. 

The Right Table Suitable For Your Cafe 

When it comes to the shape of your cafe’s table, you should consider the dining area and the number of people that usually sit around each table. These table shapes are recommended for any restaurant or cafe;

1. Rectangle-Shaped Table

This table works best for cafes that seat 4 – 6 people per setting. This table is ideal if you have a larger space to work with and have a consistent larger group activity.

2. Square-Shaped Table

These tables work best in any squared-shaped room. They are great solutions for a small group most of the time. These square tables come in handy when you have a large group, you can join two square tables to create a longer rectangular seating arrangement.

3. Round-Shaped Table

They are the best shapes for small groups. This table allows everyone on that table to see each other without straining their neck, conversations go smoothly and the overall setting feels intimate and cozy.

On A Final Note; 

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