Why Are Laminate Table Tops Superior To Other Materials In The Commercial Space

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Choosing the perfect tabletop for your restaurant, cafe, bar, etc., is a significant factor in defining the success of your business place.  

All table tops come in various options, materials, and styles, but selecting the right one can be tasking.

However, you can easily sift through all the options to find the perfect tabletop that is affordable, durable, attractive, and versatile.  

Laminate table tops are a good choice if you have options of customising your table or saving more money. It is made of synthetic materials that form a thin layer to look like marble, stone, or wood.

It is an ideal material for use in restaurants, cafes, or any commercial space since it is heat and scratch-resistant. 

Laminate as a material is cheaper than wood and can be uniquely made to match your restaurant’s or cafe’s interior decor.

It is more durable and heat & scratch-resistant than wood, making it great for heavy traffic environments. The laminate tabletop is easy to maintain and clean and is more hygienic than some surfaces.

Laminate table tops can look like anything from stone to wood and even printed words, textures, and images. 

Why Are Laminate Table Tops Superior 

1. They Are Budget-friendly.

Laminate table tops are the most economical options in the market. Its value is unmatched because its durability makes it a popular classic restaurant choice.

As a restaurateur, you can choose a few laminate table tops to become your restaurant’s focal point; you can choose to match them with laminate tables to complete your restaurant layout. 

It is more affordable than purchasing granite tables; they are perfect for commercial dining spaces. Purchasing laminate table tops won’t cost you much; they have positioned themselves in the middle price range bracket. 

It is not highly prized and not ridiculously cheap either. Laminate table tops come in an affordable price range without compromising on quality.

2. Diverse Patterns And Colours.

Laminate table tops come in various colours and patterns, especially if you’re looking for a contemporary black granite, rustic maple style, or grungy cement. 

Every design of our laminate table tops come in various shapes and sizes; it includes – bistro tables, coffee tables, communal tables, bar tables, Isotop table tops, and compact & resin table tops. 

Laminate tables allow you to maximise your floor space and match and mix. You can purchase our Isotop table tops individually with a breathtaking table base. 

3. Durable And Strong.

If you don’t want to keep replacing your tabletops every few years, purchase laminate table tops; they are exceptionally strong, durable, and perfect for all commercial use.

Our Isotop laminate table tops are manufactured with an innovative technique that combines resin with plantation wood and wax. It is moulded under high pressure and temperature and finished off with layers of protective laminate.

Cafe Chairs Sydney table tops are hygienic because they have no sealed edges or seams, making it hard for bacteria or moisture to get under the wood or stick to the surface. 

4. Easily Customizable.

The top layer of a laminate table top can look like virtually anything; you can turn your laminate table top into a virtual canvas to suit your interior decor. 

5. Low Maintenance.

Laminate table tops require little maintenance; you don’t need to use any unique polishes or cleaners. 

On A Final Note;

Cafe Chairs Sydney has unique and affordable sets of laminate table tops. Our Isotop laminate table top will elegantly transform your commercial space into a haven of sophistication and style.

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