Christmas Promotions

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Christmas is one of the most significant events on the calendar, and it comes with a sled load of promotional privileges for restaurants. 

Christmas represents vital economic data for cafes, restaurants, and catering companies, which means they must get the most out of their existing and potential customers during Christmas.

In this article, we’ve come up with creative ideas for your restaurant’s Christmas promotions.

Christmas Promotional Ideas For Your Restaurant 

1. Inform All Your Existing And Potential Customers That Your Restaurant Will Be Open Throughout The Christmas Season.

Many restaurants and cafes do not open on Christmas Day, so this is your opportunity to stand out. Spread the word that you’ll be an exception on that day.

Target every possible means to communicate this information to your customers. 

2. Create Gift Cards.

Offering gift cards can extend your Christmas sales into the New Year. Therefore, encourage your customers to bring in their family and friends with them. Market your gift cards by;

Designing attractive packaging for your gift card so you can capture your customer’s attention.

Set up a display at your cash register or the entrance of your restaurant/Cafe.

Offer gift card buyers incentives; you can offer a free $10 gift card for mailed gift cards worth $50 or more.

Promote it on all your channels- social media pages, website, traditional advertising, and in-house marketing. Give little denomination gift cards as marketing incentives during Christmas. 

3. Email Marketing.

Email Marketing during Christmas is highly effective and fun. By having a list, you can market to individuals who convert rapidly. You can start your promotions early with;

  • Mentions of deals and specials.
  • Showing of gift cards.
  • New drinks (cocktails and mocktails). 

Make sure to reach out to customers who haven’t read your emails or visited your restaurant lately.

4. Incorporate Fun And Exciting Drink Ideas.

You can make your restaurant popular by creating unique Christmas drink ideas. Create dessert drinks for kids, create your alcoholic drinks, or festive beer with a memorable name.

Ensure to promote these ideas on your Christmas menu and promotional items.  Adding exciting and fun drinks with limited-time offers is also a grand promotional scheme that will work for your restaurant. 


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