Here at Cafe Chairs Sydney we strive to offer a comprehensive range of affordable café furniture without cutting corners on quality. We understand that our customers rely on our products to be safe and fit for the purpose that they’re intended and having become a Furntech-AFRDI certified member, we’re rapidly adding new products to our list of certified products.
AFRDI stands for Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute. So what is AFRDI testing? In essence it’s a scheme introduced by Furntech-AFRDI which certifies products based on their performance across a range of tests.
The selected criteria gives manufacturers and designers the freedom to develop new ideas and new concepts which include robust performance requirements that
• draws attention to the best quality furniture
• gives confidence to specifiers and users
• acts as a great marketing tool for suppliers and retailers
What this means for our customers In order for furniture to appear within the category of AFRDI tested furniture it will have undergone and passed a series of requirements, including
• Strength
• Stability
• Durability
• Function (including safety criteria and ergonomics)
• Flammability (where applicable)
• Workmanship and finish to a reasonable level
As a result our customers can buy from us with confidence, knowing that our AFRDI tested furniture is of the highest quality and meets the standards of safety and durability that a busy commercial establishment demands. We’re constantly adding to our list of AFRDI tested products so please check back regularly. Remember the blue logo and white tick means that item of furniture complies fully with all safety aspects.