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Why Are Laminate Table Tops Superior To Other Materials In The Commercial Space

strawberry on wooden surface

Choosing the perfect tabletop for your restaurant, cafe, bar, etc., is a significant factor in defining the success of your business place.   All table tops come in various options, materials, and styles, but selecting the right one can be tasking. However, you can easily sift through all the options to find the perfect tabletop that […]

Which Table Shape Is Suitable For Your Cafe

There is more to a cafe than just its aesthetics. Using the right table shape for your cafe is vital for your business. Imagine entering a cafe and beholding the sight of tables with pointy and sharp edges. I can bet you won’t feel comfortable, you will be careful when walking past any table to […]

Best Commercial Grade Tables For Indoor And Outdoor Use

As people resume leisure and business travel, cafe and restaurant owners will need to focus on creating open space layouts that are welcoming for small groups yet convey a feeling of control and safety. Customers will want to feel safe as they adjust to the new ‘normal’ social gathering post-pandemic. Commercial grade tables that provide […]

Table Bases in Sydney – A Base for Every Situation

If there’s one item that often confuses our customers, it’s table bases. At our Sydney store, our friendly knowledgeable staff are always happy to answer questions relating to table bases and help customers choose the right one for their needs. While choosing a table base in Sydney doesn’t sound such a big deal, it’s just […]