Designing Rustic Cafes/Restaurants

Rustic design is now the order of the day. From living spaces to restaurants, cafes, and bars are now adding a little bit of this superb aesthetics to their establishment. 

If you want a unique style for your cafe, then the rustic design is a good choice. In this article, you’ll be enlightened on what to look out for when designing rustic cafes/restaurants.

How To Design Rustic Cafe/Restaurants


  1. Select A Colour Theme.

Rustic aesthetics has a clear and well-defined color scheme. There are no bright, dramatic, or startling colors; most times they are just plain simple. The rustic look is all about creating a warm ambiance with a full dose of simplicity. 

The chosen theme should be able to fit in with earth tones, from the glasses, plates, servings equipment, furnishings, and even the wall paint should complement each other. 

Go for neutral colors like brown, tan, ivory, or gray. You can choose to use natural fabrics like animal hides, metals, stones, and cotton. You can choose to have a white wall; white walls create nice effects for rustic designs.

  1. Use Beautiful Antiques.

You can place antiques like an old wagon, a wheel, an old picture frame, an ancient furnace, etc. They will inadvertently make a huge difference in your cafe/restaurant. 

Ensure you position these antiques in specific areas so your guest’s attention will be captured.

  1. Use Plenty Of Wood.

When you incorporate all the natural additions to your cafe/restaurant, it will scream rustic. Make sure you add wood to more of your furnishings. A rustic wooden floor will complement all your wooden furniture.

If your furnishings are muted and consist of light colors, allow the natural wood color to shine through while having an enormous impact on your customers.

  1. Mix And Match Textures:

Everything should not be too matchy-matchy when designing a rustic cafe/restaurant. The idea is to make it seem accidental such that all the elements used will work well together while spinning the warmth created by the right neutral color palette.

When it comes to mixing and matching, utilize a vast variety of accessories and fabrics. A highly textured floor will give your guests/customers the rustic look and feel.

  1. Accessorize Carefully.

Considering its aesthetics, picking each item haphazardly may lead to unnecessary hoarding and clutter and might defy the rustic design purpose/theme.

If you choose to add patterns, do so in your wall decoration/ furnishings; ensure everything is muted in pastel or natural shades to avoid interference with your rustic establishment design. 

You can choose to use items that are evocative of history, especially vintage pieces and unique heritage finds. All of these can be obtained from genuine antique shops.

On A Final Note;

When it comes to designing rustic cafes/restaurants, you’ll need planning and professional skills to get it right. With these tips, you can kick start your journey of designing a rustic cafe/restaurant. 

Many affordable and unique rustic pieces are available in physical stores/online stores. Ensure you visit and purchase classic and unique rustic pieces.