Timber Care

Taking care of any timber products increases its lifespan. Before purchasing any timber, it is important you know that timber is a living product that will constantly behave as organic material. 

With time, timber can develop cracks, swell, develop imperfections, shrink, change in color, and other irregularities. All of these mentioned are all integral aspects of solid timber. 

We’ll be looking at the different ways you can care for your timber furniture and effectively extend the lifespan of your timber. For those that don’t know, timber is a wood that is mainly for building and carpentry use. 

How To Take Care Of Timber

  1. Dust More Often.

Ensure you dust your timber regularly; you can use an old towel, soft cotton, flannel, old t-shirts, or any microfiber material to clean it. Make sure the towel is damp enough to effectively wipe the dust off.

  1. Wipe Spills Off Immediately.

In cases of accidental liquid spillage, the timber furniture should be wiped off immediately to avoid watermarks. 

  1. Avoid Positioning Your Furniture Under Sunlight.

It has been noticed that sunlight and UV rays have drastic bleaching effects on woods especially timber which causes it to fade quickly or shrink. 

Keeping your furniture out of direct sunlight will elongate the lifespan of your timber. 

  1. Use Tablecloths, Coasters, Trivets, And Placemats.

Some accessories can often scratch your timbers finish. Ensure you steadily place tablecloths, placemats, etc between all your timber furniture pieces. Use coasters when using hot coffee mugs and glassware to avoid leaving watermarks on the furniture, especially on tabletops. 

Make sure you do not place hot food directly on the timber furniture.

  1. Fix Wear And Tear.

Your wood might sustain injuries that you can easily fix to extend its life. There are diverse kinds of products available that hide scratches and abrasions which in turn restores the timber’s beauty. 

If the touch-up becomes sticky or polishing can not fix the damage, you can opt for painting. Painting is known for bringing damaged furniture back to life thereby causing it to last longer. 

  1. Carefully Eradicate Tough Stains.

No matter how careful you are with your timber, the unavoidable will happen. But be rest assured that any kind of stain can be wiped out-but the longer the stain sits, the tougher it gets thereby causing removal to be difficult. 

Use an appropriate cleaning method to remove the stains.

On A Final Note;

Taking care of your timber furniture or flooring is not hard or time consuming. Once you take proper care of your timber, your cafe will be filled with beautiful furniture that will last for years. 

At Cafe Chairs Sydney, we advise you to clean your timber furniture with the right cleaning agent, ensure you do not use abrasives as they can damage your furniture.