Table Caddys

Running a busy cafe/restaurant means your employees are always active. For your employees to be more efficient, you must possess the best moves to serve your customers when they are at your beck and call. 

This tactic involves having the necessary utensils and tools that will aid in maximizing your cafe space and time. Sometimes it can be tiring for your employees to go back and forth carrying different items one after another to serve your customers when they need them, hence the need for a table caddy in your establishment.

What Is A Table Caddy?

Table caddies are also known as Sauce caddy, Bar caddy, Cutlery caddy, and Condiment caddies; they are the unsung heroes of Cafes, restaurants, bars, etc. 

A table caddy is a portable storage container that has different divisions. Caddy’s are designed to help keep your salt & pepper shakers, napkins, cutleries, sauce bottles, vinegar bottles, and oil bottles intact and ready for use. 

Table caddies require any tabletop condiment to be taken to a customer or left on a table to keep the tabletop free and orderly. It is a suitable holder for bumps and knocks in a busy dining area.

What’s In A Table Caddy?

As mentioned above, table caddies hold sauces, bottles, condiments, and cutleries. At Cafe Chairs Sydney, we have different sizes of table caddies; we also have large table caddies that can hold wine/beer bottles and glasses. 

Some of our table caddies are specific about their contents, while others are general. Our table caddies variations include;

1) Handles/Hand Holds: Table caddies are all about carrying easily. Not only do our table caddies hold contents securely, but they can also be easily carried without spilling anything. Appropriate table caddies come with a suitable handheld slot on their side and a comfortable grip top handle.

2) Finishes And Colors: Choosing cadies that match your cafe style, interior decor, and branding is essential.

We assemble caddies with different standard colors and wood stains you can choose from.

3) Superior Materials: Table caddies are manufactured in a broad range of materials like Redwood, oak, plywood, and pine. 

These rigid materials offer different styles to your business; for example, oak material gives off a unique finish that will be perfect for your high-end cafe, restaurant, and hotel. 

4) Labeling Contents: Some caddies have a little blackboard feature at their front. You can write down the contents inside the caddy or a subtle call-to-action write-up on the small blackboard. 

Benefits Of Table Caddy’s

The benefits of table caddies vary because it depends on the content placed inside. The benefits include;

  • They are easy to carry around.
  • It offers efficient table service, which results in happier customers.
  • Table caddies are versatile.
  • Caddies offer a different range of functions.
  • Its sturdy design is robust for everyday use. 
  • Table caddies come in a broad range of finishing colors that will suit your cafe’s brand and style.

On A Final Note;

Cafe Chairs Sydney is a home of affordable yet unique cafe furniture. We have indoor and outdoor furniture available in various colors, styles, and materials. Visit our website now to view all our products and services.