QR Code Menu In Restaurants And Cafés

With the re-opening of restaurants, a significant concern for all is limiting the spread of the coronavirus through surfaces like physical menus. One way to stop physical menus is switching to a contactless QR code menu.

The QR code menu is the best idea all restaurants and cafés should incorporate. QR code menus are just the digital versions of our physical menu cards in some restaurants.

Your customers can scan the QR code menu to access your restaurant menu on their mobile devices. 

These touchless menus have helped to limit the spread of the coronavirus that is found on physical objects that passes through numerous hand exchanges.

What Is The QR Code Menu

QR code stands for Quick response code. It is a two-dimensional barcode that you can use a QR code reader app or the camera on your smart device to unlock. 

When you scan a QR code menu in a restaurant/café, it takes you to a digital menu where you can browse various menu items, view images of the restaurant or dishes, and make selections.

Additionally, the QR code menu offers restaurateurs an opportunity to update their restaurant menu easily and also reduces printing costs.

How To Use QR Code Menu In Your Restaurant

1. Make It Fun.

QR codes are convenient, but for the public, it is associated with covid-19 sanitary regulations. But you must remind your customers that the QR code menu can be fun too. 

The QR code menu is a tool that will make your customers’ lives easier and their outdoor dining experience more pleasant. 

QR code menus make it easier to pay a check, read a menu, and also be updated with deals and discounts of your restaurant. 

2. Assist Your Customers.

Never compromise on the readability of your restaurant QR code menu. Displaying your QR code menu on an unusual surface, like a flower pot, is great, and your customers will love the idea, but they might be frustrated when the code won’t scan correctly.

For example, sticking your restaurant’s QR code menu on a glass will cause the reflections to complicate the scanning process.

3. Get Your Staff On Board. 

Some of your aged customers may not know how QR code menus work, but if your servers are taught properly, they will make it easier for your customers.

Your staff can explain to them in simple words like “Just aim your smartphone’s camera at the code, that’s all.” You can show your staff that QR code menus make work less tedious and save time.

4. Stay Connected.

You don’t need a specific app to scan any QR code menu. Most smartphones that run on Android or iOS can automatically scan them. 

The only technical element you need is an active internet connection. No active internet connection means your customers cannot be directed to the address you’ve already set up. 

If your café/restaurant lacks 4/5g internet coverage, you can get your customers free Wi-Fi to scan. This is a nice gesture, especially for international tourists and those with no data roaming.

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