Interactive Entertainment That Boosts Your Café And Restaurant

Restaurateurs always ask, “How can my restaurant always be busy.” Restaurants are all about the food, decor, ambiance, and atmosphere, but how can this create an inviting & interactive atmosphere that your customers will love?

Interactive entertainment is vital to keep customers glued to their seats more, thus increasing sales. In this article, we will learn the types of interactive entertainment for your customers.  

Interactive Entertainment Ideas

1. Host Live Trivia Games. 

To host live trivia games, bring everyone together for a friendly competition. Trivia games are top-rated; here’s how to start;

Trivia With A Tasting Twist.

This is an excellent way to spotlight a few new menu items or drinks. To make it more interactive and entertaining, create a unique menu and incorporate some trivia questions based on the ingredients used to prepare the dishes.

Incorporate Trivia Face Off.

So many companies seek captivating off-site and team-building event venues for their meetings. Send out invites, telling them to visit your restaurant/café while offering to run a trivia game for them.

Also, you can create a tournament where teams of employees from various companies can compete against each other. You could tell the winning company to choose a charity organisation for your restaurant to donate to or offer a free meal voucher.

Live Trivia Tournament.

Hosting a live trivia tournament has several options, like hiring an outside host or doing it themselves, i.e., from creating all the questions to hosting the tournament.

There is one secret to success in format, irrespective of whichever you choose, and it is making the trivia game an ongoing tournament that will ensure repeat business. 

You can invite customers to form teams and compete for 3-4 weeks. A grand prize like a bar tab or a sizable gift card should be given to the winning team.

2. Host Book Club.

Book clubs are massive, with everyone from minors to senior adults. Typically, book club members meet at a different member’s home each week; you can choose to bring them into your café/restaurant. You can ask your bartender to create cocktails based on their featured book.

3. Bartender And Chef Demos.

You can show off the talents of your team with live chef and bartender classes. This gives your customers a chance to bond with all your staff. 

You can run a mini mixology class or chefs’ secrets. Chefs Secrets allows your chefs to step outside the kitchen for a quick demo. Your chef can choose to reveal secrets on how to get the perfect hot and spicy chicken or to get the perfect grill marks on steaks.

For the mini mixology class, you can ask your bartender to run a 15-minute class per week. The class could be a short tutorial on how you can make your own cocktails/mocktails. 

You can live stream the short class on your social media handles so everyone can see what they are missing.

On A Final Note;

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