Happy Hour Ideas For Your Cafe And Restaurant

black Happy Hour signage near man in brown jacket

Other names of happy hour are; Coffee breaks, cocktail hours, afternoon drinks, and sober happy hour. It is helpful for cafes, bars, and restaurants with low marketing budgets.

Happy hour is any promotion, event, or discount during a cafe’s slow hours that encourage more people to stop by and purchase an item or more. 

If you think about it carefully, people usually go out to eat and grab drinks with friends during lunch, dinner, or at night, so what happens to the rest of the day? That’s where happy hour comes in. 

Cafes, restaurants, and bars’ slow hours fall between 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. A well-devised happy hour plan can contribute massively to your cafe/restaurant revenue. 

Happy hour is a superb way for your cafe, restaurant, or bar to increase orders at the POS (point-of-sale) systems, increase foot traffic, and boosts sales. 

Happy Hour is all about offering your customers a comfortable escape. This is why having a gaming tournament or a paint night is a great idea. 

Happy Hour Ideas To Implement In Your Cafe And Restaurant

Your happy hour ideas could be generic or specific, but the aim should be to offer an entertaining and unique experience. 

Yes, its concept is to increase sales; they should at least be enjoyable enough so your customers can be satisfied. Let’s look at some happy hour ideas.

1. Video Game Challenge.

It would be best to have a television and a video game for this one, and you can choose a simple game like Mario. To make it enjoyable, offer a free drink to anyone that beats a particular level without dying. 

This will not only be fun for the gamer but also for the crowd who keeps cheering the gamer. Like sports, people love paying attention and reacting to something as a group. 

Additionally, video game challenges are fun to witness, especially if the gamer is terrible at playing video games. If the gamer is awful, you can compensate the gamer with a free drink for trying.

2. Flip A Coin Night.

You can try out this idea in your bar or restaurant. Flip a coin is a game of luck; its concept is that customers may or may not get a discount. What to do is, set all the eligible items like wines, cocktail drinks, domestic drafts, etc.

When a customer orders one of the eligible items, they should flip a coin; if it’s head, the price should be slashed in half, but if it’s tail, the price should remain the same. 

For restaurants- If a customer order happy hour food, they should flip a coin to get it all for free.  Doing this will make them keep ordering more food, hoping there’s a chance to get all the food for free. 

As they keep ordering more food, they are sticking around, inviting family and friends, and drinking more. 

3. Host A Pop-up Restaurant.

This idea is for bar owners. To implement this idea in your bar, you must partner with a local restaurant or a nearby Brewery.

Invite them to set up a catering table or a mobile kitchen; let them serve happy hour meals for a few hours while your bar offers drinks at a reasonable discount. 

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