Importance Of Table Settings In Your Restaurant And Cafe

The first thing your customers notice when they visit your restaurant is your tableware. First impressions are vital. The correct table settings set the expectations and tone of a customer’s dining experience. 

For instance, if you enter a restaurant and notice that the tables are empty, you will understand that the table is set with casual dining in mind and that you might end up serving yourself. 

On the other hand, if you walk into a restaurant and see that the tables are pre-laid with table covers, premium napkins, and the proper utensils, you’ll assume that it is an upscale dining experience. 

Research shows that if your cafe/ restaurant table is fully set with table condiments, cutleries, and napkins, your customers will assume they should place orders for at least 2 to 3-course meals- this is an excellent upselling strategy.

Why Table Setting Is Important

  1. The correct table settings make sure customers feel welcome and also ensure they are comfortable while seated.
  2. An immaculately arranged table demonstrates consistency and uniformity in your cafe and restaurant. Most importantly, a set table showcases that hygiene and cleanliness are your restaurant’s utmost priority. 
  3. Table settings make the job easier during service; it ensures customers are not left waiting for basic things.
  4. A perfect table setting sets the expectations in your customer’s minds. These expectations are related to service style, i.e., buffet Style/service by course setup and food quality.
  5. An immaculately set table connects your food to an architectural shell. Restaurants and cafes create an atmosphere by how they set their tables.

Secrets Of Good Table Settings

More than anything else, the settings of your table let your customers guess the type of dining experience they will receive from your restaurant. 

Make an excellent first impression, and watch your customers ignore a flaw or two and also sample your delicious meal. Let’s consider some suggestions for a perfect table setting.

1. A pre-set table is more relaxing for your customers. 

There is a current trend geared towards unadorned and insert tables; in this setting, the wait staff brings out all the needed items once the customers are seated.

This setting is good, but the traditional method of preset tables is more relaxing and calming for your customers. Once the right utensils and glassware are in place, your customers will consciously feel more confident about dining in your restaurant without any undue interference.

2. KISS( Keep It Simple For Success).

Too many elements and items on your restaurant table top can spoil the calming and welcoming look of your place. It will give your customers the impression that there won’t be room for their food when it arrives. 

Replace cumbersome cups and saucers with coffee mugs and dinner salad forks with a single fork. 

3. All Your China Does Not Have Too Much.

If you want to add interest and warmth to your table settings, go for an English country look that coordinates various china stemware and patterns. 

Your customer will feel as if they are at their aunts’ home in Britain for tea but without the expensive airfare though. You can use flower plates with different patterns & hues or plates with unique geometric patterns.

On A Final Note;

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