Weekly Specials In Your Restaurant And Cafe

Weekly specials can attract many customers due to their limited availability. If a prospective customer loves a specific dish in your restaurant, they will always return when their favorite meal is available; this already is customer loyalty.

Incorporating weekly specials in your restaurant can transform it from a place of visit to a part of people’s routine. Weekly specials have many benefits, like increasing retention and your restaurant’s audience.

Having weekly specials benefits your restaurant, especially in purchasing ingredients in bulk, so instead of focusing on several dishes,  you can give more attention to one or two dishes. 

Engaging in weekly specials will generate income and improve your restaurant focus. In this article, you’ll learn how to kick-start weekly specials in your restaurant.

Effective Ways To Advertise Your Restaurant Weekly Specials

1. Ask Your Staff To Read Your Specials.

Your service staff are most times great sales staff; when they read out your weekly specials, it can significantly encourage customers to take immediate action, which in turn increases sales. 

Two significant benefits of asking your service staff to read out your weekly specials are;

  • It increases the rate customers order due to increased awareness of the unique and special dishes you offer.
  • It allows your staff to provide valuable answers to customers’ questions about your weekly specials and offers.

2. Make Use Of Table Tents To List Your Weekly Specials. 

One better & unique way to market your weekly specials is by listing them in front of your customers. Table tents allow you to list all your weekly specials right there on the table and in a location that is easy for customers to gain access to.

The first thing to do is, prepare a list of your weekly special offers and go ahead and add it to your tables; this makes it easy for customers to read.

Also, a table tent allows you to swap out new lists easily every week. One significant benefit of using table tents in your weekly special advertisement is visibility. 

Since the weekly specials list is right in front of your customers, the chances of ordering something from it increase, as do your cafe and restaurant orders.

3. Outside Signage.

Placing signage just outside your restaurant & cafe building doesn’t just inform your customers about your specials; it can also pull in prospective customers walking past your door. 

Update your signage near the entrance door to reflect all your weekly specials and limited-time offers.

4. Email Marketing.

 If you have a database of all your existing customers, you can efficiently inform them about your weekly specials. You can send weekly emails introducing your customers to upcoming deals and specials.

Furthermore, you can use email marketing when you have a great offer; send out promotional emails that will help highlight your weekly specials or deals. 

5. Organic Social Media.

Use your cafe/restaurant social media handles to promote your weekly specials. Create posts that show your upcoming specials & deals.  

You can add exciting photos, graphics, and videos to your restaurant’s social media handles while sharing your specials and promotions.

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