How To Choose Outdoor Dining Furniture That’s Right For You

outdoor dining furniture

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, more people are choosing to eat outdoors which is why it makes sense to have an attractive outdoor dining area that passers-by will be drawn to. But how do you choose outdoor dining furniture that’s right for your space and your venue? Here are a few tips to help.

Getting to Grips With Purchasing Outdoor Dining Furniture

Understand your space

It stands to reason that the size and shape of your space will influence your choice of outdoor furniture and how much you need to buy. But as well as knowing the shape and size of your outdoor space, you also need to consider how much of it do you want to furnish. Do you, for example, want to cordon off an area for children to play?

What pieces to buy

As well as how your space looks, you need to consider customer comfort after all, if they’re not sitting comfortably, they’re going to quickly drink up and leave. It’s always best to consider your theme and décor when choosing items of outdoor dining furniture. Go for something that doesn’t fit in with the rest of your pieces and the effect could be quite confusing for your clientele. Consider providing a variety of table sizes and shapes to maximise your floor space as well as stacking chairs. It’s handy to have a stack of additional chairs that you can bring out at your busiest times to accommodate more guests.

Decide on the material

While it may seem obvious, do check first that the furniture you’re interested in is designed for outdoor use. Popular materials for outdoor use include nylon rattan, polypropylene, wood, and metal. The latter need to be covered at night or placed under cover to protect them from the elements.

Our Parisian chairs are a hood choice if you’re looking to create some European flair and also look nice if you want to use them indoors.


Outdoor dining furniture on its own can look a little bland and uninviting but it’s not difficult to make your space more appealing.  Greenery never goes out of fashion and a few planted dotted here and here filled with leafy foliage instantly softens the edges and looks more inviting. You also consider adding cushions to the seats for added comfort and of course, don’t forget to provide parasols for that all important shade from the sun.

Ready to Shop?

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