Best Commercial Grade Tables For Indoor And Outdoor Use

commercial grade tables

As people resume leisure and business travel, cafe and restaurant owners will need to focus on creating open space layouts that are welcoming for small groups yet convey a feeling of control and safety. Customers will want to feel safe as they adjust to the new ‘normal’ social gathering post-pandemic. Commercial grade tables that provide both function and style are key to creating these adaptive spaces that while encouraging gatherings also accommodate expectations relating to social distancing, safety, and cleanliness.

Cafe Chairs Sydney is a leading retailer of Isotop commercial grade tables and other custom-designed indoor and outdoor tables that are ideal for cafes, bars, and restaurants.

With surfaces ranging from wood to marble and granite to cement, our combined tabletops and bases help furnish hospitality venues Australia-wide.

Laminate tabletops offer versatility

Isotop laminate tabletops are the perfect solution for those looking to combine style with practicality. Because these fabulous tabletops mimic natural materials such as wood and granite yet have a non-porous surface their versatility is well suited to venues such as bars, cafes, bistros and restaurants. Laminate is a great alternative to natural wood which has seen a rise in price since the pandemic.

Commercial grade tables with marble and granite tops

Marble and granite effect tabletops add a certain air of elegance and provide more of an upscale vibe to a local coffee shop. Isotop marble and granite effect tabletops can be easily cleaned and with their natural appearance enhance the aesthetics of any dining space.

Tables for all weathers  

Adding a terrace or outdoor dining area can greatly increase a venue’s revenue so it makes sense to utilise any outdoor space that you have. Tabletops that keep occupants at arm’s length allow customers to converse and can transform an open space into one that’s inviting and welcoming for friends to gather and regroup. Isotop tabletops are easy to clean and sanitise while also being heat and stain resistant

Table packages

To help keep our prices even lower we offer a range of indoor and outdoor table packages that include both an Isotop tabletop and a stylish Roma chrome or black table base. Customers can choose from coffee tables, bar tables, and dining tables and from round or square tabletops.

Custom tables

For customers looking to create a particular vibe, we also provide a wide range of Isotop tabletops that can be paired with any of our table bases. From industrial tables to Parisian-style tables and sleek contemporary tables, we have it all.

So, if you’re looking for some of the best commercial grade tables then look no further. Here at Cafe Chairs Sydney, we have a wide stock of tabletop and table bases as well as a large choice of cafe chairs and stools in a wide assortment of materials and colours. Why not browse our online store or visit our Sydney showroom to see them for yourself.