Restaurant Interior Design Techniques – All You Need to Know

restaurant interior design techniques
Successful restaurants rely on restaurant interior design techniques to create a space that is functional to both cook and saves food that optimises profit. Although the idea of placing tables and chairs to create a welcoming and comfortable dining space seems easy enough, there’s more to it than choosing the right restaurant furniture

Restaurant Interior Design Techniques | All You Need to Know

When it comes to creating a unique dining space restaurateurs need to consider the layout, natural flow and music when designing their interior space. There are several design techniques that can help starting with the layout.

A restaurant layout is critical to creating a cohesive space and needs to incorporate the kitchen, dining, and waiting areas as well as property features such as POS system and emergency exits. It’s advisable to use software to plan the layout or simply sketch it out on graph paper. Things to be aware of include:

The seating arrangement

Choosing the right furniture is probably one of your most important decisions when designing your dining space. Both traditional and modern venues should utilise a variety of seating and table types to give customers options and to zone different areas.

It’s important not to place tables too close together since people like their privacy plus if tables are crammed in, it’s difficult for waiting staff to serve your guests.

Natural flow

If you’ve ever visited a restaurant where is seemed a bit chaotic, disorganised, and bottle-necked, then the reason was probably poor flow. One of the most important commercial restaurant interior design techniques is managing flow.

You probably have different areas to manage including back of house, a lounge or bar area, waiting spaces and your dining room. Everything from where you place your furniture to the ease of getting customers seated and directing guests, affects the ambience of your restaurant.

Telling your brand’s story

Good restaurant design starts with carefully chosen furniture, fixtures, and décor that not only complement one another but make your space unique. Even things such a lighting, music and scent will impact on your guests and make them want to return. One of the best ways to make your restaurant stand out from the crowd is to chose pieces that reflect you and your business or tell your story. Don’t forget to tie in your menu so that everything works together and makes it easy for your guests to understand what your restaurant is about and what they should expect.

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