How to Attract the Staycation Crowd to Your Café This Summer

A recent survey revealed that 40% of Australians never travel overseas and owing to the diversity of this great country, these results are hardly surprising. Thanks to fairly low costs and frequency of domestic travel, people can move between Australia’s great cities in just a few hours, no matter where they are. With plenty of Australians choosing to stay at home and explore other areas of the country, this has to be good news for café and bar owners in Australia.

So how can you attract new customers to your café looking for the ideal spot to relax in the sun with a holiday drink or meal in the sun?

Create a good first impression

First impressions count, particularly for people visiting an area for the first time. If they’re not looking on Trip Advisor for recommendations of places to eat and drink they may simply choose to stop at a café that takes their fancy while they’re wandering around. By ensuring your café looks fresh, clean and inviting you stand the best chance of attracting new clientele.

Provide outside dining options

A great looking outdoor dining area is a great way of attracting passers-by. Most people choose to stop off at a café that is already buzzing with people happily sitting and chatting outdoors so make sure your pavement area or terrace is welcoming. We recommend using stacking chairs to help solve any storage issues and make sure there is plenty of shade from parasols or canopies.

Here at Café Chairs Sydney, we have a wide selection of outdoor furniture in wicker, metal, and polypropylene, many of which are stackable.

Offer seasonal drinks and dishes

One way to encourage people to your café is by never standing still. Customers have their pick of cafes to choose from so if you are offering different seasonal drinks and dishes, then it could keep them coming back to you.

If there is a particular dish or drink associated with your area, then be sure to include that on your menu as people coming from other parts of Australia are sure to want to try the local cuisine during their trip.

Utilise social media

Google Maps and Trip Advisor are becoming ever popular and make it easy for visitors to plan their trip ahead, including their choice of cafes, restaurants and bars. Be sure to set up a profile on these sites including plenty of fabulous pictures of your café’s interior, dishes and promotions, which set you apart from your competitors and could entice customers. Share these types of posts on social media too, to reach out to even more people and get your brand known.