Furnishing Cafeterias

Unlike cafes and restaurants that are constantly striving to get more customers through their doors, cafeterias in places such as offices and schools become a natural feature of daily life and serve the same group of people each day. However, it’s still important to make your cafeteria as welcoming as possible, providing a comfortable and inviting place to escape from the office and classroom, during a lunch break.

Whether it’s by means of small decorative touches or larger changes to the furniture, revamping your canteen will help keep it looking inviting and attractive for its daily visitors. Here at Café Chairs Sydney, we have a wide range of furniture that is ideal for use in cafeterias, providing both aesthetics and functionality. We’ve put together a few tips to help when you’re upgrading your canteen.

Less is more

Making your canteen more inviting doesn’t have to involve buying a lot of expensive furniture. Simply investing in a few carefully chosen items can make a big difference when remodelling, creating a head-turning look.

Plain timber furniture fits effortlessly into any room, no matter the décor. When combined with light coloured walls it can make the space appear larger and airier. Pops of colour can easily be added with a few plants, cushions, framed prints, or even small colourful stools. This also makes it easier to change the style at any time in the future, without having to replace the furniture.

Timber chairs such as our Madeline chairs with their natural understated style work perfectly well with most tables to create a simple but attractive look. Alternatively, our metal No.18 cabaret chairs are just the thing for bringing more colour to a bland palette and are available in a wide range of bright colours including yellow, red, and forest green. Wooden and metal chairs like these make a good choice for canteens because they’re easy to wipe clean and aren’t likely to be damaged by spills or stains.

Space-saving ideas

When selecting your cafeteria furniture, you need to think about how it will fit into the space. If you have a large area to furnish, rectangular tables enable you to accommodate a large number of people without taking up too much space. Smaller cafeterias may benefit from smaller round tables which take up less space but still create a social atmosphere.

If space allows, it might be an idea to use communal tables for those wishing to sit together while they eat, as well as a selection of smaller tables for those who prefer to eat on their own or want to catch up on some work during their break.

Versatile furniture

In establishments such as schools, canteens are often used for multi-purposes in which case you might want to consider furniture that can be easily cleared away or rearranged. Stacking or folding furniture is a good option as usually it’s designed to be lightweight to make it quick and easy to move around when necessary.

Laminate tabletops are another good choice since these can be easily wiped down and are tough enough to prevent them from being damaged when they’re moved around.

Here at Café Chairs Sydney, we have a wide range of commercial-grade furniture that is hard-wearing and durable for use in busy canteens. Why not browse our online store to find out more or visit our Sydney showroom to take a closer look.