5 Coffee Shop Chairs Your Customers Will Love

Most coffee shops experience a diverse clientele from commuters keen to get their morning coffee fix to families looking for a bite to eat. While it’s true that nowadays more people are ordering coffee to go, choosing the right coffee shop chairs to cater for all these customers simultaneously, can be key to getting them to not only stay but also to come back again, creating a welcoming vibe that reflects the quality of your food and drink

Here at Café Chairs Sydney we have a wide range of chairs to suit every one of your customers, ensuring their needs are met while complementing your style and décor of coffee shop.

Relaxing tub chairs

Comfortable, body hugging tub chairs are ideal for those customers wanting to spend longer in your coffee shop, such as when waiting for friends or for those looking to read the news headlines over a cup of coffee. Our charcoal grey tub chair provides comfort and thanks to its dark coloured fabric, is easier to keep clean. Pair them with a coffee table for added convenience.

Coffee Shop Chairs offering more privacy

Booth seating is a good solution for those with limited space since they take up less room than a table and four chairs. They also provide a comfortable padded seat and backrest and enable families to sit together and sprawl out without worrying about settling young children in uncomfortable chairs. Because booth seating is installed back to back it offers more privacy. Our black booth seating features vinyl upholstery, which is incredibly easy to clean and maintain, so perfect for a busy café.

Stools For a Quick Stop Coffee Shop

Many customers come into coffee shops on their own often wanting to get a quick drink or bite to eat in their lunchbreak. Having stools lined up beneath a bar counter gives them enough space to sit and eat, drink, or even work, without getting in the way of other customers or taking up valuable table space. Placing stools alongside a window also takes up less space and creates the illusion of a larger, more open space.

Side chairs

Simple side chairs work well with standard coffee tables and come in a wide variety of styles and materials. Lovers of traditional furniture may like our ladder back chairs which come in a variety of wood stains and cushion colours. We also provide bar stools to match.

Outdoor Coffee Shop Chairs

Making use of any outdoor space is a great way of attracting the attention of passers by looking to take the weight off their feet and quench their thirst. Investing in outdoor furniture that is strong, durable, and can withstand the harsh Australian climate is crucial to keep your space looking fresh and inviting. Our Emma chair with its black polypropylene frame and colourful seat pans are ideal for busy environments and stack for convenient storage.

Whatever your chosen style of coffee shop chairs, at Café Chairs Sydney we have a huge variety to choose from and at affordable prices. Why not take a closer look.