5 Tips For Your Coffee Shop Design

coffee-shop-designYou may have mastered the art of brewing a perfect cup of coffee and consider your double chocolate chip muffin to be the best in Sydney, but choosing the perfect cafe layout might push you right out of your comfort zone.

The design of your cafe is crucial for attracting new customers and turning them into loyal customers, so it’s important that you get it right. We’ve put together 5 tips to help when designing a perfect coffee shop business.

Make your concept clear

Before starting out on your design you need to be aware of your USP or unique selling point. What makes you stand out from your competitors? Is it that you have a retro style? Is your focus on relaxing? Is is child friendly, or healthy? Perhaps it’s contemporary or maybe it’s vegan. Ultimately your coffee shop’s design concept depends on the type of clientele you’re hoping to attract. After all, older retired people have totally different tastes from trendy hipsters or young professionals. Determine your concept now and make sure you know how to be consistent across all key elements of your business.

Shopfront design

What will your exterior look like? Will you have an outdoor seating area? You also need to bear in mind any design restrictions that may be imposed by your location or community. The exterior should instantly convey the concept that you have in mind. If for instance you’re embracing the industrial look then wooden shutters and geraniums on your window sills are not a good fit.


Again signage needs to reflect your coffee shop’s concept. A wooden sign is ideal for an old fashioned coffee shop complete with a yesteryear font. However, if you have a contemporary shop then you need a sign that matches this concept as well as a modern font. It needs to look right at home and it needs to convey instantly to passers by what they should expect when they enter through your door.

Interior design

It’s one thing getting customers through the door but another getting them to stay and to return. From your choice of colour scheme, artwork, seating area, counter, menu board, display cases, and restrooms, everything needs to portray your brand and your concept. Choose textures, colours, and lighting which creates the ambience you’re after and if you have any interesting architectural structures see if you can make them a focal point.


Your shop’s layout is also critical to the success of your business. Not only will it determine how efficiently your staff operate but will also reflect on how comfortable your customers feel. Is there room for customers to slide their chairs in and out from beneath the tables? How about access to the restrooms? Are there sofas or tub chairs for customers looking to relax with the newspaper over a morning coffee? Where can freelancers sit and work? What about your cafe furniture? Is it comfortable and practical?

Your cafe furniture is one of the most important elements of your cafe design since it brings the whole look together and plays a large part in whether customers return. Here at cafe Chairs Sydney we’ve got a wide range of indoor and outdoor cafe furniture in all sorts of materials, colours, and styles, modern and traditional. Why not take a look online in our store or pop into our showroom at Campbellfield, to see it first hand. Meanwhile if you need more information on any products our knowledgeable staff will be pleased to assist. Just give us a call on 02 8379 7737.

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