How To Attract More Customers Using Outdoor Seating

outdoor-cafe-patiosWith the temperature hotting up and summer drawing ever closer, the warmer weather is a great time to attract more customers. One way to do this is by making use of your outdoor space. In fact if you offer outside seating, chances are that people will come. That said, you’ll need to put in a bit of leg work first. Here’s what you need to do.

Choose cafe furniture that enhances your venue

At this time of year, those cafe’s lucky enough to have outside space are likely to be vying for competition with other nearby establishments. As your cafe furniture is among the first impressions that passers-by will have of your venue it needs to be right. Whether you choose it to create a wow factor or statement, or whether it’s more of an understated yet elegant choice, getting your cafe furniture right is vital. Here are 3 quick tips.

  • Make sure it’s comfortable

  • Make sure it reflects your venue or style

  • Make sure it is suitable for outdoor use

Do these 3 things and you’re off to a good start.

Promotion, promotion, promotion

Seems basic stuff right? But if you don’t let people know you’ve got outside seating, you’re only going to attract the odd passer-by. Here are a few ideas. Talk about it on your Facebook page or send out an impromptu newsletter to your subscribers. How about promoting on sites like Sydney Weekender, or offer a special ‘patio menu’ for all al-fresco diners. Whatever you decide to do, you’ve got to shout about it.

Make it pet friendly

Dog owners always wrestle with the fact that they can’t take their pets inside a cafe for obvious reasons. Fortunately when you have an outdoor seating area, it’s perfect for dog walkers. If you are situated in a high traffic area and see lots of dog walkers on a regular basis why not try putting out bowls of water and lead ties to signify that your venue is pet friendly.

Make it attractive

Remember your outside cafe space needs to be a reflection of your inside space as it’s the first impression people have of your cafe so it needs to be attractive. Even the busiest and smallest of pavement areas can benefit from some planting or box hedging or a simple sweep to eradicate any stray litter.

If you follow these top tips when offering outdoor dining, then chances are you’ll be ahead of your competition. Here at Cafe Chairs Sydney we are currently having a sale and offer a wide range of commercial grade cafe furniture. With cost-saving furniture ideas you’d be crazy not to take a look. To find out more contact us on 02 8379 7737 or visit us at

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