Hair Pin Legs – What’s All The Fuss About?

tall-hairpin-stool-in-white-with-timber-seatJust in case you hadn’t noticed, hair pin legs are everywhere, and if you’re still not sure exactly what we’re talking about, they look as you might expect – like a hairpin. Iconic in their status, they’re part of mid-century design.

A small piece of history

Hair pin legs which have been used in all types of furniture, are made from a single piece of metal folded over to resemble a hairpin. It’s such a simplistic style that you could be forgiven for thinking that they were invented centuries ago; but in fact they can be traced back to around 1941when a Vienna designer named Henry P. Glass invented them.

Because of the effect that World War 2 was having on global economy, designers were facing a major challenge when it came to saving materials but creating pieces that stayed true to their aesthetics and didn’t compromise on functionality and durability. Like other icons from the time, something that started off as a practicality soon developed tino something fashionable and stylish in its own right. Hairpin legs soon caught on and were copied by numerous designers around the globe. Mid century design is enjoying a renaissance and hair pin legs are once more in the spotlight.

Not only do hair pin legs make a gorgeous statement holding up wooden seats, planks of wood, and even suitcases, but they also represent great value for money. No wonder then, that everyone’s wanting hair pin legs right now.

How to get the look

Because the style is so simple you’ll find them incorporated into a wide range of styles from simple wooden stools to high bar stools and from metal chairs to coffee and dining tables.

Stools are an easy way to include hairpin legs in your cafe design and apart from their stunning aesthetic, they’re lightweight and easy to move from one place to another. We’re great fans of hairpin stools with a wood seat on top for contrast as this stays true to its origins, but you can also have fun with coloured metallic legs and cross over variations, which add a bit of architectural flair to the mix.

Our tall hairpin stools are made with a powder coated frame and a timber seat and are commercial grade, meaning they can withstand all the rigours of a busy cafe environment. They fit in well within an industrial theme and available in black or white would look amazing sat beneath a jet black glossy counter. They also have the benefit of being stackable, which if storage space is an issue, is a real bonus.

Here at Cafe Chairs we stock a wide range of bar stools so why not browse our online store or pop into our showroom to see them first hand. If you need any further information about any of our products then please feel free to call us on 02 8379 7737 and our knowledgeable members of staff will be happy to assist.

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