What We Like/Dislike In Cafes

Sydney is known for its cafe culture so it’s hardly surprising that there’s some tough competition out there, and making your mark as a cafe owner can be a daunting task. We think one of the best ways to create a great cafe is by taking a look at what attracts you to a cafe in the first place and what puts you off going again. With this in mind, you can identify the areas of your cafe where you can hopefully do better than others around you. Here are a few things which spring to mind when we’re deciding which cafe to visit. Hope it helps.

Comfortable chairs

Now you might not feel the same way about cafe furniture as I do, but for me it has to look nice and, more importantly feel comfortable. I do not like rickety chairs, chairs with stained upholstery, chairs that are too saggy, or chairs that are bold upright. Instead I prefer chairs to be of a good quality and well constucted with clean seats/covers. If I’m comfortable and the coffee is good, then I am more than likely to order another together with a sandwich or croissant, yes please 🙂

Stable tables

Why is it always me that gets the wobbly table? Perhaps all of the tables are made this way? A wobbly table causes spills and this REALLY niggles. I prefer cafe tables to be clean and to have all 4 legs on the floor not propped up with folded pieces of cardboard.

Interesting artefacts

One of the great things about relaxing in a cafe with large cup of coffee is the time it allows to gaze around the interior and take a look at interesting pictures or artwork on the walls. Local photos showing how the area looked several years ago are always good for me; or a theme based on what an area was or is famous, for also works well. I’m thinking in particular of a favourite cafe in Spain that has a theme based around bull fighting which used to take place in the area (but thankfully has long stopped). The colours of the soft furnishings and the photos on the walls really add to the ambience and you can almost hear the bull snorting and see the fear in its eyes.

Free Wi-Fi

I used to be one of those people who scoffed at those who were always deeply engrossed in whatever they were looking at on their mobiles. Sadly, I think I’ve become one of them, but because more and more business meetings are held in cafes these days, I really do expect to be able to sit and make use of their FREE internet connection.

Pleasant toilets

You may find me sad, but yes I have been known to frequent certain cafes simply for the fact that their toilets are so attractive. There is such joy in walking into a cafe toilet and being bowled over by beautiful tiling, modern facilities, and great lighting. Throw in some lovely smelling soap and a fast acting hand dryer and I’m well and truly hooked!

Fewer choices of coffee

I could quite likely be barking up the wrong tree here, but I really don’t like to be faced with a huge choice of coffee unless each and everyone of them is executed to perfection. Personally I would rather the choice was more limited but the taste was the best in town!

So that’s what I like and dislike in cafes which may have helped point you in the right direction. The key to appealing to customers is to put something of yourself into it to give it character and show what you’re all about.

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