3 Top Reasons To Choose Booth Seating

Whether you have a cafe, fine dining venue, or a restaurant one thing you can be sure of is that customers will always choose the booth seating first – we know we do!

But why is this? What’s so special about booth seating anyway?

Decorative tables and chairs can do wonders for your establishment but none get close to delivering the level of privacy and intimacy provided by booth seating. Families, couples, and groups of friends can all enjoy the booth experience – and many will want to come again.

So let’s take a closer look at 3 top reasons for choosing booth seating in your venue.

  1. Utmost privacy – High backed booth seating can give customers much needed back support and also enables them to chat without everyone else being privy to their conversation. Placed against a wall, or back to back with other booths, customers are treated to an enclosed private space. It’s ideal for families with young children since they can be placed on the inside, making it easier for parents to stop them from fidgeting or to lend a hand with cutting up any food. A booth also creates a feeling of intimacy, which is perfect for couples wanting to spend a little time on their own. The high backs of booths don’t just prevent sound from escaping the booth, it also prevents sounds from entering – in other words it’s a private experience within your cafe or restaurant.

  1. Comfort – The enclosed style of a booth gives your customers a chance to fully relax in their own exclusive and intimate zone. Depending on the size of the booth and the number of people seated, it gives each person extra space to sit and spread themselves out a little more. Since the seat and backrest supports itself, a person can put all of their weight onto their seat adding to their overall comfort. Booth seats are typically padded which again is more comfortable than sitting on a cold metal chair with no seat cushion.

  1. Less obstructive – Since booth seating is only open on one or two sides, it’s easier for waiting staff to move around the aisles and eliminates the need to move along the side of tables or behind chairs. If space is limited, then obstructions can be a real problem and may prevent customers from returning. Booths are protected from external obstructions meaning customers aren’t bothered by others customers or staff trying to squeeze past them in a tight space.

Booth seating also helps maximise your space, so if yours is limited, then this could be an option. Besides booth seating Cafe Chairs Sydney also stocks a wide range of tables and chairs in a variety of styles, colours, and materials, so you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for.

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