Top Reasons to Consider Stacking Chairs For Your Venue

If you were to ask anyone what the purpose of a chair was, they’d probably all say the same thing – to sit on. While without a doubt this is the primary role of chairs in cafes and restaurants, there are many more considerations to take into account when selecting chairs for your business.

Functionality, comfort, durability, sturdiness and brand-suitability are just a few considerations that come to mind when determining what style of chairs you need for your cafe or restaurant.

One common chair that has been used to good effect for many years in various commercial situations is the stacking chair.

No doubt you recall those green plastic chairs everyone had in their back yards or those red and gold chairs that stood in a stack in the corner of a conference room.

There is a reason (in fact several reasons) that these common-all-garden chairs have stood the test of time and why you should maybe consider them for your business.

Saves Space

Stackable chairs provide a perfect solution for anyone who has limited storage space. Because they are stacked vertically they take up considerably less space than standard chairs do and can easily be stored in a corridor or small cupboard and brought out when necessary.


Another huge benefit of stackable chairs is their durability despite the fact that normally they feel relatively lightweight. These chairs are likely to be moved around a lot and as such need to withstand this constant occurrence.

Although padded stacking chairs are the most durable, even cheaper plastic alternatives are sturdy because they’re designed to take the weight of other chairs stacked on top of them.


When it comes to stacking chairs there literally are hundreds of styles to choose from and a variety of materials and colours. With so many styles available, it shouldn’t be hard to find the perfect design to match your brand. We all know the importance of first impressions, particularly when you’re trying to attract new customers through your doors, and furniture is no exception.

Compared to the uniformity of stacking chairs, an assortment of various-sized chairs and stools will look unprofessional.


Because, generally speaking, stacking chairs are primarily for group use, as a result, they are highly cost-effective.

For example, it wouldn’t be feasible to purchase just one stacking chair and to be honest it defeats the purpose in the first place. Bulk orders are more common and cheaper than alternative chairs.


Whether they’re for a party, a presentation, or a waiting room, stackable chairs are the most versatile chairs on the market.

Lightweight, customisable, space saving, easy to move around, durable, and cost-effective they can be used in a variety of different environments with comparative ease.

So the next time you’re considering purchasing chairs for your business consider stackable chairs. There’s a reason that they’re popular in so many industries.

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