Sidewalk Cafe Furniture – Tips on Choosing Your Furnishings

sidewalk care furniture

With summer in full swing and Covid-19 measures in place, people are looking for great cafes to sit outside with a drink and a snack. Where are you going to put them? What furnishings will you need? We give our top tips for choosing sidewalk cafe furniture and attracting customers to your venue.

Sidewalk cafe  furniture – What You Need to Bring in Customers

Table and chair sets

Firstly you need to determine where your guests are going to eat. You can choose from a variety of standard outdoor table and chairs, opt for benches, or even high bar tables and tall stools. You also need to consider the materials your sidewalk cafe furniture is made from. Polypropylene is a great choice for summer furniture because it’s relatively inexpensive and light and easy to move around.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with more traditional Parisian chairs which are manufactured with a steel framework and nylon rattan. As well as being weather resistant you need to ensure that your tables are easy to keep clean. Our Isotop tables are always a good choice because they are stain-resistant and need no more than a wipe with a damp cloth and mild cleaning agent followed by a spray with a sanitiser to keep them looking pristine.

Outdoor heaters

Often during certain stages of the summer, the temperatures are lovely during the day but dip once the sun has gone down. Outdoor heaters are a vital part of sidewalk cafe furniture and not only keep your customers warm and cosy but increase the amount of dining space available.

If you have a coastal cafe, a heater is a necessity to stave off the chilly coastal winds coming from the sea. Even better, your waiting staff will be pleased to know that they’re not going to feel chilly during their shift.

Furniture covers and storage

With any new sidewalk cafe furniture you buy you want to protect it from inclement weather and even if the chairs are weather resistant you’ll need to keep any cushions stored inside. Fortunately, the majority of outdoor chairs stack on top of one another so take up less room if you need to store them inside. Alternatively they can be stacked outdoors and covered with a protective tarpaulin overnight

Patio umbrellas

Although outdoor dining is nice if the sun is bearing down on guests as they eat it can become unbearable. Having patio umbrellas will help keep your guests cool when it’s scorching hot and also helps keep them dry should it start to drizzle with rain.

Are you still in need of inspiration for your sidewalk cafe furniture? As well as the options listed above why not browse our online store for inspiration or visit our Sydney showroom to see the quality of our furniture for yourself.