Staffing – How To Ensure You Have The Right Ratio Of Staff

One balancing act in business is keeping the right amount of staff because too many employees might result in under-utilization and increased costs. In contrast, lesser employees will hinder you from serving your customers effectively.

Over-Staffing And Under-Staffing

Situations where over-staffing is on the high side can be fairly obvious; when employees take a long lunch break, come in late, stand around refrigerators or water coolers for long or leave early, this means you have excess people on your payroll. 

In cases like this, all to do is let go of some employees; you can call them back when you need them. Better still, create new job opportunities for them to occupy themselves with.

Furthermore, find out which employees contribute the least and let them go. Another major problem is having few employees to get all the work done. 

You can stretch your employees for a short while to fit into vital positions. Otherwise, they will end up being exhausted, disengaged, and frustrated.

How Many Staffs Do You Need To Run A Fine Dining Restaurant

For a high-end restaurant, you would need more staff than a small cafe. High-end restaurants have the highest staffing needs per guest out of all restaurants because of their high price. 

This is why customers expect them to serve at a high standard. It would be best to have more staff for the back of house (BOH) and front of house (FOH) of your restaurant.

For Back Of House Staff (BOH)

You are expected to have kitchen staff that specialize in working at high-end restaurants. 

For the BOH, you need a sous chef, an executive chef, a pastry chef, and a garden manager to run your cold station.

You can choose to have extra chefs for sauces and niche dishes like sushi. Also, if your fine dining restaurant is large, you’ll need four to eight line cooks. 

For Front Of House Staff (FOH)

Considering the high-level service of your restaurant, servers typically serve three to four tables at once. A sommelier for wine recommendation would be beneficial as well as an experienced host staff to manage the waitlist and seat guests, a manager, bartenders, and a barback to restock liquors, Juices and help wash glassware.

How Many Staffs To Run A Casual Cafe/Restaurant

This depends on the size of your restaurant, but ensuring that you have the right staff to customer ratio is important.

For The Back Of House(BOH)

The kitchen hierarchy starts with a professional executive chef, a lead line cook, and a sous chef. 


For Front Of House(FOH)

Generally having servers, bartenders, a host stand to manage the flow of customers and a general manager to cover every shift is suitable for a casual restaurant or cafe.

On A Final Note;

Every different cafe or restaurant you will need to figure out the appropriate number of staff for the effective running of your business place. Quickly visit Cafe Chairs Sydney for quality furniture that will suit your space.