Social Distancing Furniture – Top Tips and Examples

social distancing furniture

If you’re unsure on how to reopen your cafe or restaurant now lockdown is easing, here are some ways to use social distancing furniture to help stay ‘COVID-secure.’

Cafe and restaurant owners are likely facing a dilemma over ways to use their space more efficiently, and it might mean more than simply moving tables and chairs 1.5 metres apart.

In fact, you may want to consider investing in some furniture that makes more efficient use of your space. This is to be confident that not only will customers remain the right distance apart when they arrive but will continue to do so throughout their stay with you.

Below are a few examples of sensible social distancing furniture that you can use to help keep everyone safe from COVID-19.

Social distancing furniture – How to stay COVID-secure with the right cafe or restaurant furniture

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture has an automatic advantage over any other since it’s known that the COVID-19 virus disperses more easily in the open air.

Although it’s not certain how long the virus remains on different surfaces, it seems that it lasts 2-3 days on stainless steel and plastic and up to 8 hours on aluminium.

While you’ll have to clean and sanitise your furniture regularly to protect against COVID, you might want to consider our Parisian chair which has an aluminium frame and nylon wicker back and seat which will restrict the length of time the virus remains on it.

Plastic and steel are other viable options which fare better than other materials such as wood.

Booth Seating

Booth seating fits in well with a social distancing floor layout. Booths and two-seater benches can be used to define different areas and customers are not going to be able to move them.

The materials used, steel and faux leather, are also extremely easy to keep clean and will withstand regular cleaning.

Stacking Chairs and Melamine Tables

Stacking chairs and melamine tables may also give you the added flexibility you may require to open safely.

Stacking chairs such as our Parisian chairs above or Brooklyn chair can be removed to create more distance between customers and conveniently stored until a later date when restrictions are eased further.

Finally, our Isotop table tops are coated with melamine which is quick and easy to clean with a sanitising spray between customers. Available in different sizes, you may find it easier to optimise your floor space and still maintain social distancing rules.

If you’re looking for social distancing furniture for your venue, then why not browse our online store or visit our Sydney showroom for some ideas. We currently have an end of financial year sale on with massive savings to be had, so don’t delay.