Why Isotop Tabletops Are an Excellent Choice For Your Cafe

isotop tabletops

If you’re considering a totally new look for your cafe, then Isotop tabletops are the way to go. With their wide range of shapes and sizes, and stunning patterns, the hardest part cold be deciding which ones to choose. The name Isotop has been around for many years and always crops up in discussions about tabletops.

Our friendly team are on hand to help you make a choice from the many Isotop tabletops we stock. One of their key benefits is that they are available in a wide range of patterns and sizes, so finding one that fits your décor and space shouldn’t be a problem.

Learn more about Isotop Tabletops

Isotop is a highly durable, dense, and scratch-resistant composite that can withstand high temperatures and staining. Due to its low maintenance costs, the ability to withstand the harsh Australian weather, and its durability, Isotop is one of the most popular commercial materials available on the market today.

What are the benefits of Isotop tabletops?

  • Suits a wide range of decorsSince Isotop comes in a wide range of  designs, colours, and shapes, they’re the perfect choice for most decors. For a contemporary industrial feel you could opt for a cement-like finish or for a traditional cosy vibe you could choose any one of numerous timber finishes.
  • Wide variety of shapes and sizes – As well as a diverse range of styles and designs Isotop tabletops come in a wide range of shapes and sizes including square, circular, and rectangular. Whether you want a small bistro table for tow or a large table to seat 10, Isotop can provide it.
  • High-quality workmanship –  Isotop is a brand made in Malaysia using German technology which means you can be assured that these tabletops are manufactured using first-class materials and innovative technology. The stunning tabletops are made from a mixture of plantation wood chip, resin and wax which is kiln-dried and layered together before finishing with a laminate coating. Sun, grease, spills, and sharp implements do not impact these surfaces, making the ideal choice for inside and outdoor settings.
  • Easy to maintain– The smooth surface couldn’t be easier to clean, using just a damp cloth and non-abrasive cleaning liquid.

Isotop tabletops can be used across your cafe for a seamless flow from on area to the next. It’s also a good idea to mix and match to give your cafe a unique look. You really can let your imagination run wild when planning your seating area.

For high-quality Isotop tabletops and plenty of seating options, why not browse our online store or visit our showroom in Sydney.