How To Choose A Table Base For Outdoor Use

Manhattan aluminium table baseOne of the questions we’re often asked is which of our table bases are suitable for outdoor use. The answer depends on an individual’s personal situation, how they intend to use the base, and the climate in the area where they live or have their business. The first thing to consider is the type of material that the base is made from, since some are more suited to outdoor use than others, and some will require more care and maintenance than others. The best outdoor table base is one which supports your table top well and which is able to handle your local climate. Here’s a few tips to help with your decision.

Types of material

The most common materials for table bases are steel, cast iron, stainless steel, and aluminium. Most steel and cast iron bases are treated with a corrosion resistant finish to help protect against discolouration and rusting, However, steel and cast iron are not very resistant to to corrosion on their own and regardless of whether they’re coated with paint, powder coat, or chrome, they will still need regular maintenance. Should the finish get chipped or scratched, the damage will need re-finishing to prevent the raw material from going rusty.

That said, the benefit of using a steel or cast iron table base is that they’re sufficiently strong to support heavy table tops made from materials such as granite, marble, or butcher’s block. If you’re looking for an affordable and supportive base and have the time to carry out regular maintenance, then cast iron or steel could be a good option for you. Much depends on your particular climate and whether or not the tables are stored away during inclement weather.

Contemporary aesthetic

Table bases made from stainless steel are generally regarded as a better option for outdoor use than cast iron or steel. Mostly manufactured using the same sort of steel that kitchen appliances are made from, namely 304 stainless steel, these will still need cleaning occasionally and the odd spot of maintenance when used outdoors, particularly in climates that are humid, rainy, or coastal. The good news is that stainless steel will not rust. Similar to our cast iron and steel bases, our stainless steel bases are strong and work well with a variety of table top materials. Stainless steel also looks sleek and sexy – perfect for a modern environment.

Light weight base

Another style of table base to consider is aluminium which is corrosion resistant and doesn’t rust. As such it works well for outdoor use and needs little, if any maintenance. Another advantage of aluminium bases is that they’re light and easy to move inside if the weather turns nasty or you want to rearrange your seating. The downside to using a lightweight table base is that it won’t support heavy table tops.

Regardless of what type of table base you choose, we’d recommend that you keep it under cover wherever possible, to maintain its life expectancy. Do not let them stand in pools of water and give them a wipe over at least once or twice a week, to keep them looking clean and fresh.

Here at Cafe Chairs Sydney we’ve got a wide range of table bases to choose from. Why not browse our online store or visit our showroom to see them first hand. If you need any further advice or information on any of our products don’t hesitate to give us a call on 02 8379 7737 and our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be only too happy to assist.

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