The Importance Of Texture in Your Cafe Decor

replica Tolix chair with coffee bag cushionFor any cafe owner looking to entice new customers in for the first time, first impressions are so important. One cost-effective way to make your décor stand out from your competition is through clever use of texture. You know how sometimes you might enter a room and feel that something is missing. All the components of a finished deign are present – the colour scheme, the styling, the cafe furniture yet the venue just feels a little flat. That something is usually texture!

For many cafe owners texture tends to be an after thought and in most cases it shows. Instead texture should be the thing that gives the venue a wow factor, one that makes a room pop! As a result it should be at the forefront of your design ideas.

What do we mean by ‘texture’?

In design terms texture is basically how things feel. Imagine walking bare foot across a wooden floor, then stepping onto a soft rug. That’s texture! Or how about the feel of running your hand across the smooth bevelled surface of an Isotop table. That’s also texture. Rough or smooth, soft or hard, you don’t even have to have physical contact with the room to appreciate the power of texture.

Texture adds visual impact

As well as being tactile, texture adds visual weight. For instance a 3D picture or sculpture against the smooth surface of a wall adds visual weight to your décor because it stands out more. Try placing a plump soft cushion against a hard granite surface and see just how enticing it looks?

Texture adds balance

The other thing texture does is to give balance to a room. Remember at the start of this post when I mentioned that all the right elements of design could be in a room but yet it seems flat? Well, texture provides weight which in turn adds balance and harmony. For best results don’t go texture crazy. Stick to two or three main textures and repeat them throughout the design. This method works particularly well in colour palettes where the shades are very similar. For example monochrome. By choosing texture that heavily contrasts it provides perfect balance.

So how can texture be used in your cafe?

How about adding some wall hangings or contrasting some sumptuous scatter rugs against a tough wooden floor? Alternatively how about contrasting industrial gun metal Tolix chairs with a funky coffee bag cushion. Alternatively you could use a selection of carefully placed knick-knacks or flowers. Or if you’re lucky enough to have textural features already built in to your room such as a ceiling rose or architrave, then make a feature of that.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about the importance of texture in your cafe. At Cafe Chairs Sydney, not only can we give you a wealth of design ideas, we can also supply you with a selection of great cafe furniture full of texture. Why not visit our website or call us on 02 8379 7737 for further details. Alternatively, if you’re passing our Wetherill Park showroom, why not take a look and see what we have to offer first hand.

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