Condiment Station

assorted bottles on top of brown wooden table

Whether you’re a restaurateur or a coffee shop owner, the way you position your condiments can create a solid sense of image. There are numerous things to consider when setting up your business space; your priorities might be your restaurant/cafe furniture, your cookware, utensils, or the quality of your oven.

However, it is the minor things that can make all the difference. While it is tempting to place your condiments anywhere, you should consider accessibility and appearance as they can create continuity of your style and brand.

In this article, you’ll discover how to display condiments that appeal to your customers.

How To Display Your Condiment Station In Your Bar, Restaurant, Home Or Cafe

1. Bar Use.

It can be a little complicated to provide condiments in a bar setting; you may choose not to give bottles of sauces as they are made of glass and hard to keep track of. 

The best option in this case is to provide single-serving sachets of salt, sauces, pepper, and sugar for tea.

Since you’ll mainly serve light meals and bar snacks, you’d need one or two condiment holders perfect for keeping on or behind the bar. For your bartenders to make high-end or complex cocktails effectively, they will need their ingredients around them.  

A garnish or condiment station can keep all the ingredients at arm’s length.  Also, it looks much better to customers who may happen to glance behind your bar;  these changes can make your bar run quicker and smoother for everyone.

2. Restaurants Use.

It is vital to offer a vast range of condiments to your customers at their respective tables. At the same time, you can provide different condiment stations that customers can reach; it’s best to deliver the condiments directly to the table.

Based on the theme and style of your restaurant, you may choose to serve the condiment in a table caddy or wooden crate. The table caddy or wooden crate are popular choices; you can customise them to suit your restaurant theme.

You can purchase galvanised steel caddies as they are modern & trendy. On the other hand, wooden caddies add a rustic feel to any table in your restaurant.

3. Cafe/Coffee Shop Use.

Displaying various condiments in your cafe or coffee shop can be a bit different as you’ll need to consider the kind of drinks and food items you’ll offer.

It is advisable to have a separate condiment station away from the main till section where food & cakes are displayed. Having a separate condiment station allows customers to move away from the main area so you can efficiently keep up with the flow of customers. 

You can also use a handy tier shelf system that allows patrons to serve themselves sprinkles, sugar, and any other spices they may need.

Make a bin or pot available so customers can dispose of used tea bags. How you display your condiments can make all the difference to how your restaurant, bar, cafe, or coffee shop looks & functions. 

On A Final Note;

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