Free Samples

man holding fish dish on plate

There’s no denying the truth that we all love freebies. Free samples are popular in the food industry, whether it’s a tray of Sushi or a cheese shop offering taste; the question to ask here is – are free samples worth it? Do they drain all your resources? Or do they attract more customers? 

Sometimes, the easiest way to win customers is by giving them your products or services for free. 

Why Offer Free Samples? 

1. Build Loyalty Among Top Customers.

Your customers have shown their loyalty by constantly patronising you, and you can repay this loyalty by dropping free samples of your dishes or wine in their emails.

When you do this out of goodwill and not with any explicit commercial intentions, it will endear your brand to them the more.

2.  Clears Doubts.

Some prospective customers are interested in your restaurant but are hesitant to become permanent customers because they are unsure of your dishes.

Free samples will reassure them that your restaurant/cafe is worth staying.

3. Try  Out New Food Items.

If you have plans to launch a new dish or cocktail, offer your existing customers free samples so you can gather feedback and gauge demand.

It’s advisable to use existing customers as they are already familiar with your restaurant and will most likely give you their honest reviews and feedback.

4. Reactivate Lost Customers. 

Customers who placed an order maybe once or twice but didn’t return are strong candidates for your free sample campaign.

You can send them a surprise package to remind them of your restaurant/cafe and bring them back into your sales cycle. 

Who Benefits From Free Samples

Giving free samples to your customers triggers the start of a great and mutually beneficial relationship.

Incorporating free samples into a restaurant business strategy will allow you to make your customer’s brand advocate and also make them feel warm and welcome.

Below are a few ways free samples will benefit your business and your customers;

  • It inspires loyalty and fosters relationships with existing customers.
  • It introduces your restaurant to prospective audiences that are unfamiliar with your business.
  • It encourages more sales of new menu items and repeat customers.
  • It expands your customers’ knowledge about the products and services you offer.
  • You gain more publicity for your brand, which will, in turn, lead up to an event.

How To Incorporate Free Samples In Your Restaurant/Cafe

1. Unique Grand Opening.

The grand opening of your cafe/restaurant or bar should be a prime opportunity to showcase your restaurant’s greatest hits. 

Giving free samples of the tastiest bite on your menu or something unique will undoubtedly showcase what makes your restaurant and cafe stand out from competitors. Also, it will help establish great connections with your local community. 

2. Offer Free Drinks And Food.

If you plan to introduce a new cocktail/mocktail recipe or menu item, doubts might set in; you only have to offer a free sample of your dishes or a free tasting session of your cocktails.

Your customers should be able to see this offer as they go over your menu; their feedback will give you an idea of whether it can serve as a seasonal or permanent menu item. 

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