A Guide To Choosing The Best Bar Stool For Your Venue

76-Detroit-matte01Choosing a bar stool for your venue can’t be all that hard. After all, one bar stool is the same as the next right? The reality is that it isn’t as simple as it seems, and there are several key factors you’ll need to take into consideration. For example does it need to swivel? What height do you need it to be? What type of material do you want it to be? Do you want one with a footrest or not? Suddenly it all seems a bit complex and daunting.

For this reason we’ve put together this easy to follow guide to help you make your purchasing decision. So let’s get going!

Bar stool height

The first thing to remember is that bar stools vary in height, so here’s what you need to know. Stool heights are always measured from the floor to the seat only and NOT from the floor to the backrest. The good news for you is that Australia has standard heights for commercial bar counters which is 105cms. Therefore the ideal measurement for a bar stool that should suit most customers is 75cms. Alternatively if you’re looking for low bar stools to match a dining table height, then 45cm stools are ideal for this purpose.

What about spacing?

In an ideal world you’d have sufficient bar stools along the length of the bar to maximise your floor space, but at the same time it won’t feel overcrowded for anyone sitting at the bar. In this case you should be looking at a 60cm gap between each stool. This allows plenty of room for customers to come and go from their seats without disturbing other guests.

Say it with style

Although bar stools come in an infinite number of styles and designs they can be broken down into 6 different categories. These include:

Contemporary – This includes chrome, or polycarbonate seating with sleek smooth shapes. Contemporary bar stools include slick geometric patterning and strong lines with bold splashes of colour and would suit a modernist feel.

Iconic – Bar stools like the Tolix and Bentwood stools have been around for years and are just as popular today as they were when they were first produced. Authentic versions can be pricey but great reproductions give a classic look but without the price tag.

Functional – Bar stools such as the gaming stool focusses more on functionality rather than fancy design and slick lines. It’s designed to be comfortable and encourages customers to sit longer.

Industrial – The Industrial look is incredibly popular and as such industrial style bar stools are plentiful. Look for rustic timber and powder coated metal framing, Stools like the Detroit adjustable stool epitomise this look perfectly

Classic/Rustic – classic styling usually consists of darker timber framed bar stools such as the cross-back Bentwood stool. They aren’t normally designed to swivel but can make a great impact if you choose an elegant rustic theme.

Outdoor – As the name suggests outdoor furniture is designed to be used on a terrace or pavement area. It’s usually treated and weatherproofed so it won’t warp, rust, or fade and is designed to be hard-wearing.

What about features?

There are several features that bar stools have. Firstly the swivel feature. This is ideal for bar counter tops and gaming areas but not necessarily for dining tables. The second feature is an adjustable height. Gas lift stools tend to fair better but make sure you opt for a quality component as cheaper varieties might not stand up to the rigours of a busy cafe, bar, or restaurant


Make sure it’s commercial grade

Any bar stools you purchase should always be commercial grade. This is because they’ve been made specifically for use in busy establishments and therefore are more able to handle wear and tear.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about choosing the right bar stool for your venue!

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