The Many Advantages Of Stainless Steel Cafe Furniture

Marielle stainless steel table baseWhether they’re choosing indoor or outdoor cafe furniture, many cafe owners opt for wood which we can understand, since it has a long history and is traditional. However, wood isn’t the only material by a long shot, and there is one which offers many advantages over over wood, as well as plastics and customary metals, and that is stainless steel. This hard wearing material is unique and can be matched with other materials to give a look that is pretty special. So let’s take a look at the advantages of stainless steel cafe furniture

Won’t rust or corrode

Without doubt one of the main advantages of stainless steel has to be the fact that it’s non corrosive and stain resistant. The way that it’s manufactured means that it arrives waterproofed and weatherproof, which makes it perfect for cafe furniture. Because of this, there’s no need to add any extra protective coatings, which is why stainless steel cafe furniture is so affordable. What’s more it can be used indoors or out without fear of it rusting in the harsh Australian climate.

Eye catching appearance

Stainless steel has an attractive lustre which is perfect for modern furniture and also means that it slots easily into the ever popular industrial look which many cafes are embracing. Just imagine rows of stainless steel tables and chairs glistening outside on your terrace with the sun shining on them? Talk about attention grabbing.

Stays as good as new for years

Unlike other woods and plastics which can be prone to warping, cracking, and fading, stainless steel remains looking as good as the day you purchased it. It won’t bend out of shape or come under attack from insects, or go mouldy like some types of wood tend to if not cared for properly. Just wipe it with a damp cloth to remove any residues and buff it up with a dry cloth to remove any smears, and that’s all you need ever do.


Not only can stainless steel be used indoors and out, but thanks to the skill of metal fabricators, stainless steel can be shaped and moulded into all kinds of interesting designs, making it an incredibly versatile material. Whether it’s a chair with an intricate cut out stainless steel back or a contemporary round stainless steel table base, there really are no limits.

Antibacterial properties

Another great plus of stainless steel over other types of materials is its antibacterial properties, which is why stainless steel is used for surgical instruments. However, its sophisticated lustre and antibacterial properties also make it the ideal choice for kitchens, restaurants, and cafes for the simple reason that it’s so easy to clean and sanitise.

Here at Cafe Solutions we stock a variety of stainless steel table bases and table tops which will fit into an industrial theme but work equally as well with our eclectic mix of cafe chairs. Why not browse out online catalogue or, if you happen to be in the Brendale area of Brisbane, come and take a look for yourself.

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