Booth Seating – The Benefits Explained

booth seatPublic eating and drinking establishments have long presented an array of seating options and one of these is booth seating. Booth seating originated from boxes which were initially found in churches and opera houses to separate people from one another. Over time boxes morphed into booths and by the early 1920’s booth seating was in just about every liquor house and tea room throughout the country. Even today booth seating remains popular. Aside from making an establishment a more inviting place, booth seating has many advantages. Let’s take a closer look.

Flexible seating

Booths offer a flexible seating capacity that no other chairs and tables can. Typically booths allow four people to sit comfortably, but in addition they can also sit 5 or 6 by adding extra chairs at the ends, or simply by squeezing up on the benches provided.

Intimate experience

Even in a noisy cafe, restaurant, or bistro, booth seating creates the effect of intimacy. By creating a barrier between you and other customers it gives a more private feel which many people like.

Maximising your floor space

One of the best qualities of booth seating is that they can be placed back to back, meaning that patrons can really maximise their seating space to increase profits. They also have a smaller footprint than a traditional table and chair configuration because with a standard table, chairs need to be pulled out to accommodate guests. This isn’t the case with booth seating where guests simply slide in. Customers with disabilities can also find that they can easily be seated at a booth’s end so making your establishment disabled friendly couldn’t be easier.


Kids tend to prefer to sit in booths where they can wiggle, squirm, and expend any excess energy should they choose to. It also gives parents the option to confine children between them so that they are controlled if needs be. In addition should high chairs be required they can easily be added onto a booth end.

Spoilt for choice

Booth seating comes in a wide variety of shapes, materials, styles, themes, and designs. From basic to high end you can pay as much or as little as you like. Variations include upholstery, wood stains, and an endless multitude of trim options so you really are spoilt for choice.

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