Why Are Chiavari Chairs So Popular?

Chiavari chair

If you’ve been to a wedding recently or some other large event, you may have sat on a Chiavari chair. This simplistic, yet elegant chair now regularly appears at swanky restaurants, wedding receptions, and even award ceremonies.

But why is this chair so popular, what makes it appealing, and how might it suit your venue? Read on to find out more.

What is a Chiavari chair?

It’s a lightweight chair that is easily identified by bamboo-like joints which are moulded into its frame. This particular look has become synonymous with class, elegance, and sophistication. Also known as the ‘Tiffany chair’, it rose to popularity having been used at John and Jackie Kennedy’s wedding reception for 900 guests in 1953.

What are its origins?

The chair was designed and built in Italy in 1807 by cabinetmaker Guiseppe Gaetano Descalzi, following a request from the President of the Economic Society of Chiavari that some chairs be designed for their establishment. The original design was a cherrywood chair with a balloon back which was solid, yet lightweight and elegant. They became so popular that they were eventually gifted to Pope Leo X111 in 1892 and later used to furnish Queen Victoria’s dining halls in her palace.

Why are Chiavari chairs so popular?

The popularity of this chair can be largely attributed to the benefits of its physical design and features. Aside of its sophisticated appearance, the chair is stackable and very lightweight, which makes it convenient for moving around, transporting, and storing. Typically these chairs can be stacked up to 8 high without topping over. They also have a relatively narrow design which means more people can be accommodated at one time and they take up less room in storage.

These stylish chairs are also loved for their versatility. They can be found in a variety of materials and colours to complement the aesthetics of both a formal and casual setting. Its wide range of options, portability, and narrow footprint make these chairs a useful asset for banqueting halls, party rental halls, and even cafe/restaurant dining room designs.

What are Chiavari chairs made from?

Chiavari chairs are made from:

  • Wood – This provides a natural rustic look which is typically suited to more traditional establishments holding events and functions.
  • Aluminium – These are resistant to scratching and sufficiently durable for repeated use. Depending on the construction, often a plywood base cushion is needed help prevent the seat from warping over time.
  • Resin – Chiavari chairs made from resin are extremely durable and able to withstand impact and strain. They provide the most popular material option and usually cost the most to buy.

What’s the appeal of Chiavari chairs?

Much of the appeal is that these chairs can be dressed up for different occasions or themes. Often they are paired with removable seat cushions which can be colour matched to the décor and sometimes ribbons, bows, and sashes are added by event co-ordinators to make them showier. Its this versatility, whether bare or decorated, that’s the reason that customers and event planners choose them time and time again.

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