How to Stand Your Coffee Shop Out From the Crowd

If there’s one thing us Aussies have in common it’s that we like to cosy up with a hot drink. Whether it’s an impromptu work meeting, a get together with friends, a quick coffee while we’re out shopping or a Sunday brunch … our chosen venue is often a coffee shop.

According to Market Watch, the Australian coffee market is expected to grow at a rate of 5% in the years up to 2024. Some of the factors fuelling this growth are the market’s sophistication and our willingness to pay more for a quality product. Clearly, coffee is booming. But how can you stand out and what makes a great coffee shop? Apart from delicious coffee, of course. Having been in the hospitality industry for many years supplying commercial cafe and restaurant furniture, we answer these questions below.


The furniture you choose plays a large role in establishing your theme and creating a relaxing and welcoming space for your customers – not forgetting the delicious aromas of fresh coffee and pastries.

However, getting the right furniture for your cafe can be tricky; most cafes welcome a diverse range of customers so it’s difficult to narrow down your target audience. Because of the fierce competition coffee shops face in almost every city and town, we recommend going a bit wild – choose bright colours and unusual styles. Even if this type of furniture isn’t to everyone’s taste, it makes a statement – and lots of people will love it.

A place to work

Remote workers and students flock to cafes when they’ve got a project to complete or need to knuckle down to some revision. With this in mind, ensure you have a decent WiFi connection and spacious tables for books and laptops. Give your customers a comfy chair and a table they can cover with their paperwork and hopefully, they’ll return and purchase a few cups of coffee and snacks on the way. Don’t forget, you need to ensure there are plenty of power sockets or larger groups may go elsewhere.

Give back

Customers are a picky lot but the majority of them are attracted to coffee shops that ‘give back’ a portion of their profits to help others in the community or along the supply chain. 2019, for instance, saw the ‘Portal Cafe’ in Sydney donate all of its profits to charities while also providing training and employment for refugees.

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