Tips On Modernising Your University Cafe

Long gone are the sterile cafes on campus which you may have remembered from years ago. Instead they’re more like mini restaurants catering to today’s students with healthier menus and locally sourced ingredients, making them a destination dining experience with great food options and an ambience to match.

Beyond the menu the campus cafe is fast evolving into a dynamic space with creative colour schemes, seamlessly integrated technology, and a variety of settings. We’ve put together a few tips for creating a modern university cafe.

Power in furniture

Today’s campus cafes are being used for more than just refuelling students’ bodies with food. Instead students are treating them as an extension to their media centres, study halls, and dorm rooms which is why there is an important need to integrate technology. Considered use of your cafe furniture is one way the cafe space can become more flexible, and in this respect communal tables are an ideal solution and an easy place to add power or data ports.

Form and function

As mentioned above campus cafes are well used spaces and as such they need furniture which is tough and durable and can withstand daily abuse. We recommend table tops with laminate surfaces. We’d also suggest using metal stools or chairs with wood seats for areas of high turnover and upholstered chairs or stools for areas which may be used for study. Also include some sofas or tub chairs to add to the cafe ambience and encourage students to linger for longer.

Bold colour

Creating a space that projects a school vibe but is beautiful and functional at the same time can be a challenge. We’d encourage you to make use of bold bright colours which can be found in many cafe furniture ranges. For example replica Tolix chairs and stools have steel frames for durability and come in many vibrant colours alternatively our PP Specta chairs would also fit the bill.

Consider flexibility

Dining hall furniture needs to be light weight and easily movable in order to cater to the demands of students wishing to move furniture around to suit their needs. It’s important to choose furniture that can be stacked and cleared away quickly in order to use the dining space for another use as well as to be able to rearrange furniture for group study purposes.

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