The Benefits of a Dry Bar Table

When it comes to furnishing your café, making the right choice of furniture is essential to define the use of your space. A stand-out item of furniture for busy cafes and bars is the dry bar table. We’ve put together  a few of the benefits of using a dry bar table or two, in your café, restaurant of bar.

Helps create an informal ambience

Generally used to place freshly poured drinks on, a dry bar tables helps to create a relaxed informal atmosphere in bustling cafes and bars. When coupled with bar stools, the space is transformed into a comfortable and relaxing area for catching up with friends, or spending with work colleagues, before heading home. In comparison to heavier more robust furniture, dry bar tables are less formal.

Maximise floor space

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a perfect square shaped dining area, there are sure to be small recesses and awkward corners where you struggle to fit in a table for 4 and its accompanying chairs. Due to its compact 600mm table top and lofty height, a dry bar table can easily be slotted into the tightest corner or recess. Leave it for people to stand around and chat informally, or place a candle on top, add two bar stools, and you’ve got an intimate dining space for romantic couples.

Adds visual interest

Due them being much higher than standard café tables, dry bar tables are great for adding visual interest to your dining area and could be placed around the perimeter edge with standard tables grouped in the centre. Or why not line them up alongside a bank of windows so your customers can look out while they’re enjoying their food. Customers love to have a choice of seating areas, and using bar tables in this way, achieves just that.

Outdoor terrace tables

Dry bar tables are also a good idea if you have limited outdoor space, perhaps just a pavement area. They’re great for people wanting to sit outside while they enjoy a quick cup of coffee or cold drink and by utilising every available space, you should see an increase in your revenue.

Add on to bar counters

Finally, if you’re short of counter space, why not place a couple of dry bar tables at either end. You can use them to for your condiments, sachets of sauces etc. and for cutlery.

At Café Chairs we offer a choice of dry bar table and Tolix bar table packages or you can mix and match our dry bar bases with the table top of your choice. Isn’t it about time you got yourself some dry bar tables? Why not browse our online store or head on down to our showroom where you can see them for yourself?