Restaurant Merchandise

Restaurateurs always seek creative ideas to build connections with their customers and keep them engaged. One unique way to keep your existing and prospective customers returning for more is by selling branded restaurant merchandise.

Restaurants are far better than brick-and-mortar and transactional eateries; they are now full-blown brands with loyal customers.

Café/restaurants with loyal customers now use e-commerce to sell branded merchandise that plays well into their business community. 

They have embraced the ability to use their website to sell cookbooks, apparel, glassware, and more to their customers. One primary key to selling restaurant merchandise is to develop excellent ideas for your products. 

For example, a tote bag defined with your cafés/restaurants logo makes it a great gift and also helps your business stay at the top.

How To Create Restaurant Merchandise

1) Decide Where To Sell Your Restaurant Merchandize: Once you’ve decided what your merchandise will be, your next step is creating a sales channel. 

In your restaurant, you can sell the merchandise by creating a sales counter that will display the items.

Additionally, you can set up a POS system that will record your online transactions. Furthermore, you can sell merchandise through the Facebook marketplace and Instagram shop.

2) Develop A Marketing Strategy: You need a well-planned strategy to sell your restaurant merchandise. What to do is ensure your restaurant merchandise is listed on your website homepage so your customers can spot them easily.

Furthermore, launch an event at your café/restaurant and display all your merchandise. Also, you can use your customer’s available data through the POS to inform your customers about your unique merchandise.

You can also share email newsletters to announce the launch of your merchandise. All of this will show the efficacy of an excellent marketing strategy for your merchandise and your restaurant.

3) Decide What Items To Sell: Carry out competitive research on social media and through email to discover the types of products to put out there.

Restaurant merchandise to display includes;

  • Sweatshirts.
  • Mugs.
  • T-Shirts.
  • Stickers.
  • Aprons.
  • Wine Glasses.
  • Tote Bags.
  • Water Bottles.
  • Cook Books.

Benefits Of Restaurant Merchandise

1) Stay Top Of Mind: When a customer sees a t-shirt with your café logo, they will constantly be reminded of your café. Also, whenever they see it in their closet, it will remind them of pleasant experiences and inspire them to dine with your café/restaurant constantly.

2) Customers Become Your Billboard: Just like how individuals serve as walking advertisements for various named brands, so also your customers can become billboards for your restaurant/café when they go out.

If the design of your merchandise is spectacular, your customers will include it on their social media handles which will, in turn, draw in prospective customers.

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