How Your Cafe Can Capitalise On The Festive Season

christmas-cafeSo the temperature is hotting up and that can only mean one thing. Summer is here and the festive season is upon us. This is a busy time for many Sydney cafe’s bistros and restaurants – or at least it should be! But if you aren’t getting the footfall you should at this time of year, what can you do to capitalise on the busy period and entice new customers in? Let’s take a closer look at a few ideas.

Consider extending your opening hours

The festive period is a busy time not only in the home but in many work places too. In order to capture employees and business owners before they start their day it’s worth considering opening up earlier in the morning. If you usually open at 9am, then why not consider opening your doors at 7am or 8am. Entice them in with a breakfast special that will keep them going through the day. Failing that you could always consider extending your opening hours in the evening. This way you might capture a slice of the throngs of Christmas shoppers who may be taking advantage of the later shopping hours. You could even offer a free mince pie when they purchase a drink. After all, who doesn’t love a mince pie.

Excel in the décor stakes

The festive season is all about lights, tinsel, and sparkle, so don’t forget to give your cafe a festive makeover. A few pieces of tinsel and a couple of baubles just isn’t going to cut it, but at the same time too much tinsel can make it appear seriously tacky. Instead the idea is to make it look festive, but tasteful. Go for an eye catching centrepiece such as a real Christmas tree. You can always gift wrap some boxes to make it look like it’s full of presents and opt for colour-co-ordinated lighting. How about Christmas table runners along with softer lighting to give an intimate festive feel? Whatever you do, make it stand out for all the right reasons.

Gift cards

How about offering gift cards that customers can purchase for their friends and family. Who doesn’t love a gift card. Did you know for instance that on average 72% of people will spend 50% more than their gift card so it’s a great way to attract people into your cafe, get them to spend more, and turn them into repeat customers.

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