Buying The Right Coffee Machine For Your Customer Base/Quantity Of Customers

Deciding on a suitable coffee machine for your customer base can be stressful, especially if you have little experience in the cafe industry. There are various types of coffee machines, and each one has its pros and cons. So you need to know how to purchase the right coffee machine for your business.

As a cafe owner, your primary goal is to serve great coffee to your customers. Just as an artist needs quality painting materials to create their masterpiece, so do cafe/coffee shop owners need the best equipment & tools to create exceptional coffee beverages.

To give your customers the best coffee, you have to invest in a high-quality coffee machine, one that is durable, efficient, and can prepare excellent coffee beverages that can serve your customer base.

Types Of Coffee Machines

1) Manual: This espresso machine requires more delicate handling, artistry, and strength when preparing coffee. This machine has variability in output mainly because of the manual and brewing pressure needed in the coffee-making process.

The taste of the coffee depends on the pressure put into extracting it by the barista. If you want to purchase a manual coffee machine, you need to consider the expertise of your baristas.

2) Automatic: This is one of the most popular coffee machines in specialty coffee shops and cafes. It creates consistency in taste, brewing pressure and yield. 

An automatic coffee machine has different preferences for its functionality; it has a fixed dosage of water per espresso. It can also weigh your coffee dosage and determine the amount of water needed to brew your coffee.

3) Semi-Automatic: This machine also needs a barista to start and stop the brewing and extraction process. The pressure in this semi-automatic machine comes from a mechanic pump giving it more consistency in the brewing pressure.

A skilled barista is needed to control the yield and make necessary adjustments.

4) Super-Automatic: This coffee machine is likened to coffee robots. Once you touch a button, the coffee machine will grind, decide dosage, steam and brew different beverages.

Baristas have little or no control over the coffee beverages as the machine does everything alone.

How To Choose The Right Coffee Machine

1) By Design: Coffee machines are available in different sizes and designs. If you’re starting your coffee shop business, first consider your interior decorations and your environment. 

2) Maintenance: All coffee machines need maintenance, and you must know how often your coffee machine will need servicing. Coffee machines are maintained with proper cleaning daily to avoid machine breakdown. 

3) Size And Groups: The amount of groups you’ll need on your coffee machine is determined by the number of coffee made daily. Find out your capacity and your customer’s turnaround time. 

A small coffee machine will not serve you well, especially if your customer base is high. Make sure you purchase an appropriate size that can serve your customers irrespective of the number of customers.

On A Final Note;

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