5 Common mistakes to Avoid When Buying Restaurant Furniture

Furniture is one of the most important aspects of a restaurant since it’s what it gives an establishment its character and personality. It’s also an essential element for customers to form a perception – whether this is comfort, elegance and visual appeal, or simply the attractiveness of the décor.

Aside from ensuring your furniture fits in with your restaurant’s theme, we’re also going to talk in this post about common mistakes to avoid when choosing your restaurant furniture. So, let’s dive in and get started.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid – Checklist

Don’t avoid a floor plan

The first port of call should always be to measure your space carefully so that you don’t end up cramming it full of furniture. Draw a floor plan on graph paper so you can evaluate ideas and seating arrangements to scale and check that they will fit unto the space you have planned. Be sure to factor in the practicalities as well as aesthetics to complete the look of your interior space without compromising on comfort.

Don’t compromise on space

It’s important to allow sufficient space between furniture to enable customers and staff to walk around comfortably. There should be enough space so that customers can pull back their chairs. Your staff should also be able to serve efficiently and speedily. Due to the current times, try to factor in a one-way navigation throughout your restaurant for waiters from the kitchen and customers to the bathroom.

Don’t ignore customer comfort

Customer comfort varies according to your type of venue. In a fast food restaurant, for example, everything should be about speed, such as easy to clean tables. Whereas, in a fine dining restaurant, the focus should be on comfortable padded chairs for customers staying longer. A chair with a full back support is more appropriate for long-term sitting.

Don’t forget durability

It’s important not to choose style over practicality and durability. When coordinating furniture, select that which will be long-lasting which requires little maintenance and is moisture resistant, to get the best return for your money.

This is why it’s essential to buy commercial grade furniture as it can handle high table turnover and heavy usage.

Don’t ignore environmentally friendly choices such as furniture made from reclaimed timber, metal, and plastics or even vintage furniture that has obviously stood the test of time. Bamboo furniture is an excellent choice for causal outdoor dining.

So, there you have it …. 5 mistakes to avoid when fitting out your restaurant.

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