Parisian Chairs – Discover The Benefits

Parisian Chair with V Pattern

With summer hot on our heels there’s never been a better time to consider vamping up your outdoor seating space.

There’s nothing people like better than sitting outdoors relaxing over an iced coffee, watching people go by – and we have the perfect chairs for it in our Parisian chairs.

If you’ve ever been to Paris you can’t have failed to notice the huddle of kerb-side cafes with tables and chairs spilling out onto the streets. The tables are really close so as many people as possible can take advantage of relaxing in the outdoors and this helps to create a vibrant vibe.

Paris, similar to Sydney, is all about cafe culture and the charming rattan chairs which set the scene. Functional, practical, and chic, they’re real crowd pleasers.

With so many cafes in Sydney, setting yours apart can be challenging but one way to entice new customers through your doors is with stylish new chairs that turn heads and, if you’ve ever been to Paris, evoke wonderful memories.

Benefits of our Parisian chairs

Our range of Parisian chairs are equally as stylish and functional as the ones you see in Paris but come with benefits that you may not have considered.

Strong and durable

Unfortunately, authentic Parisian chairs have fallen out of fashion for the simple reason that they’re not built for cafe life. Originally they were manufactured from natural materials including bamboo for the frames and willow or seagrass for the woven backrests and seats. While they ooze charm, in inclement weather they could split, crack, and rot and had to be taken indoors overnight and brought out again in the morning.  

At Cafe Chairs Sydney, the Parisian chairs we sell are designed for indoor and outdoor life so you can use them for a seamless flow from one area to another. Their welded aluminium frames are powder coated while the backrests and seats are made from man-made materials such as textaline and nylon. Not only do these materials block out UV rays but they can also withstand heavy rain. They’re strong and durable and will last for years without losing their looks.

Ease of maintenance

Another benefit of man-made materials that they can be wiped over with a damp cloth to remove any spillages or dust and that’s all you need ever do with them. You can line them up on a hot sunny day and hose them down with cold water leaving them to drain and dry.

Lightweight and stackable

Strong and robust, our Parisian chairs are surprising light in weight making them easy to move around. Even better, they stack for convenient storage if you need to clear them away overnight.


Finally, they’re exceptionally comfortable which means your customers will stay longer and hopefully order more drinks and food, increasing your revenue.

With several designs available, there’s sure to be a Parisian chair that suits your décor.

Why not browse and order from our online store. We provide contactless collection and delivery and you can pre-order in time for Christmas.