Table Setting

How you set your table in your café, restaurant, dining room, catered events, etc., sends a message through to your guest, giving them a clue of the type of service they will be receiving. 

For instance, an empty table with no proper setting indicates that the service will be casual. Still, when you add a placemat or sets of silverware to it, your customer’s dining experience will elevate.

Table settings are vital in establishing the tone at your events, banquets, receptions, restaurants, etc. Proper table settings show that you care about your customer’s/guest needs.

Types Of Table Settings

As a café owner, you’d want to ignite the dining experience of your customers by designing your tablescapes; this entails figuring out the type of table settings that will delight your customers or make them confused. At Café Chairs Sydney, we have the perfect table that will suit any table setting.

1] Formal Table Settings: This type of settings most fine dining restaurants, black tie weddings, and formal events use. 

This setting is for a six [6] course meal; soup, appetizer, salad, protein, starch, and dessert. It also makes use of more glass and flatware than other table settings. 

How To Arrange A Formal Table Setting

  • Place an ironed tablecloth over the table.
  • Position a serving plate in the center of the table setting.
  • You should ensure the bread plate is placed at the top left side of the table. 
  • Position a butter knife on the bread plate; ensure the blade faces downward. 
  • Next, on the right side of your serving plate, place a dinner knife, a salad fork, a soup spoon, and a teaspoon.
  • All the flatware should position evenly, ensuring the bottoms line up with the serving plate bottom.
  • Place the dessert spoon above the serving plate, ensuring it is in horizontal alignment with the handle facing the right side.
  • It would be best to place a water glass directly above the dinner knife.
  • Position your white wine glass below the water glass, and ensure it is slightly to the right.
  • The Red wine glass should be positioned above the white wine glass and placed slightly to the right.
  • You can place a  saucer and a cup directly above the dessert spoon; move it slightly to the right.

2] Basic Table Setting: This setting is used mainly by restaurants, cafes, and diners. A basic table setting gives your customers a welcoming feeling. 

Steps To Create A Basic Table Setting

  • Position your serving plate in the center of your table setting.
  • Position a clean and folded napkin/towel on the left side of the serving plate.
  • The fork should lay on top of the folded napkin.  
  • Place a knife on the right side of the serving plate, do not forget to place it on a clean and folded napkin.
  • A coffee cup or water glass should be placed above the knife and adjusted slightly to the right.

3] Casual/Informal Table Setting: You can find this setting at luncheons and banquets. It is designed for three [3] course meals; main course, soup/salad, and dessert.

Steps For Creating Casual/Informal Table Settings

  • Place a serving plate in the center of your table setting.
  • Place a bread plate on the exterior left side of your serving plate; ensure you place a butter knife on it, just like the formal table setting.
  • Ensure you put your silverware on the left side of your serving plate; proceed with a salad fork set outside and a dinner fork placed inside.
  • On the right side, the silverware should consist of a dinner knife, soup spoon, and teaspoon; all these should be placed from the inside out.
  • Make sure you place a water glass above the dinner knife. Lastly, ensure you put a wine glass to the right of the water glass.

On A Final Note; 

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