Parisian Chairs – More Than Charming

If you’ve ever visited Paris in the summertime, you’ll know that that it’s awash with cafes spewing onto the pavements all full of happy people chatting over a cup of coffee in the sunshine. Paris is all about coffee and iconic Parisian café chairs, similar to the ones we have here on our website. Stylish, chic, and beautiful they’re not just charming they’re also very functional and a real asset to any café.

With so many other cafes to compete with in Sydney, standing yours out from the crowd is essential if you want to attract new clientele. One way of doing this is by providing stylish furniture that turns heads and entices people through your doors

Our Parisian chairs do just that and are available in 5 different styles. Transporting you to Paris, they’re real crowd pleasers. So, let’s take a look at some of the benefits you’ll enjoy from these gorgeous French inspired chairs.

Benefits of Parisian Café Chairs

Strength and durability – Truly authentic Parisian café chairs would have been made with bamboo frames with the seats and backs woven from natural materials such as willow, cane, reeds and  seagrass. While they do indeed look lovely, they have a tendency to split, crack, and rot in inclement weather conditions. Our modern-day Parisian chairs feature welded aluminium frames and a choice of braided nylon wicker seats and back or textaline. The latter is a PVC coated fabric which blocks 90% of the sun ‘s rays which means it won’t fade or disintegrate in the Sydney heat.  Strong and durable, they’ll last for many years to come.

Easy maintenance – As a busy care owner the last thing you want to be worrying about is time-consuming maintenance. Fortunately our Parisian chairs simply wipe down with a damp cloth and mild cleanser to keep them looking as pristine as the day you purchased them.

Light weight and stackable – Although our Parisian chairs are strong and robust they are also light in weight which means it’s easy to move the chairs around to meet customer demands. In addition, they stack for convenient storage, which is a real bonus if your storage space is limited.

Customer comfort – Nobody likes sitting in an uncomfortable chair and when this is the case, most customers will finish their drinks as quickly as possible and you’re unlikely to see them again. However, if they’re sitting in comfort, enjoying the ambience, then there’s every chance they’ll hang around for longer, order another drink and purchase some food to – all increasing your revenue ?

Stylish and versatile – With a choice of colours, patterns, and fabrics, our Parisian chairs easily fit into most café decors.

Ready to shop?

Now you know the benefits of Parisian chairs why not take a closer look at them in our online store or up close and personal at Sydney showroom? Ranging in price from $90 to $100, they make a solid investment.