Why Choose a Cast Iron Table Base for Your Café?

Cast iron has been used in cafes and restaurants for years and still remains a firm favourite. We take a look at the many benefits of using cast iron table bases and why you might want to consider them for your venue.

Cast iron is hard wearing and easily maintained

Cast iron table bases can last for centuries. Their hard-wearing nature makes them an ideal choice for cafes and restaurants since they can withstand heavy footfall and be moved around to meet the needs of your customers and functions. They’re also a great choice for outdoor use since their weight prevents them from being blown over by heavy gusts of wind.

Maintaining and cleaning cast iron is also extremely easy. In fact, you should only need to wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust.

Iron is an ecological material

Because of their durability, many café and restaurant owners find themselves keeping hold of their cast iron bases for years, meaning there is less waste generated. When the time finally comes to get rid of your cast iron bases, they can be recycled and melted down to make new products.

Perfect choice for heavy table tops

Since cast iron table bases are naturally heavy, they’re the ideal choice of support for heavy table tops made from materials such as granite or marble which need something that supports their weight effectively. If you’re not sure if a particular table base is suitable for a heavy tabletop, then do get in touch with the experts at Café Chairs Sydney.

Easily customisable

Since they last such a long time, it’s good to know that you can easily change their appearance to match your décor or theme. The easiest way of transforming a cast iron table base is to swap out its top and replace it with one of our Isotop tabletops. These come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and patterns including timber finishes and replicas of natural materials including marble, granite, and cement.

Alternatively, you could always paint your cast iron table base a different colour to make it pop and fit in with your current colour scheme.

Surprisingly affordable

Considering a cast iron table base has the features of an investment piece of furniture, cast iron bases are surprisingly affordable starting from as little as $82.50 for our contemporary Venice table base and $89.10 for our decorative Paris base.

They look good

We couldn’t end this blog post without mentioning the number one benefit – cast iron table bases look good?

There’s something about cast iron that screams out tradition and elegance no matter how simple their design. Even better, they work well with almost any style of chair be it metal, plastic, or wood.

Here at Café Chairs Sydney, we stock a wide range of table bases including cast iron bases, so why not take a look. You can also view our furniture by visiting our Sydney showroom. We look forward to seeing you there.