What’s The Deal With Communal Tables?

Communal table with walnut timber top

If there’s one thing that divides cafe and restaurant goers it’s communal tables. You either love ’em or loathe them. Personally, we love them but we totally understand that they’re not for everyone.

However, it’s always a good idea to offer customers choices so if you have the space then why not fill it with a communal table? It could come in more handy than you think.

We’ve put our heads together and come up with reasons that many people head straight for the communal table when entering a cafe or restaurant. So here goes….

  • They get you talking – If there’s one thing that a communal table does, it’s to put you in a position where it’s kind of rude not to at least talk to the person next to you. With this in mind they can offer the perfect solution for singles looking for a date or friends or couples who enjoy conversing with other people. I mean, if you’ve ever been on a cruise, then it’s a similar concept to their dining arrangements.

  • You get a better view – Communal tables are usually taller than standard cafe or restaurant tables. This means that people sitting at a communal table are easier to see and on the flip side of this, it’s easier for them to see out and across the cafe or restaurant because they’re seated higher. If you’re all about making sure you’re seen then this is another reason for loving communal tables.

  • It’s in-between – A communal table can never be described as a bar nor is it your average cafe or restaurant table. It’s an in-between sort of table which as a result offers varying types of interactions and conversations.

  • Communal tables look inviting – We love the fact that communal tables are designed in such a way that once a series of stools or chairs are placed around them, they look good. In fact when we see one that’s full of people chattering away to each other, we often wish there was another vacant seat.

  • An alternative to dining on your own – If you hate to walk into a cafe or restaurant and sit at the bar or worse still sit all on your own at a table that’s designed for 4, then communal dining could be right up your street. It offers an alternative to solo dining and, you’re not likely to be sat there on your own for long.

Communal dining challenges what many of us are used to but on the flip side of this, it’s an easy way of striking up a conversation with a bunch of total strangers, without everyone thinking “what the heck’s he doing?” Who knows you could make a new best friend.

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