Top Tips For Buying Furniture Online

Buying cafe furniture online can save you heaps of time and actually gives you way more choice. However, many people dismiss the idea of buying online without physically seeing the product as they view it as too risky. How can you tell if the piece will work in your space if you haven’t seen it first? How you be sure that what you see in the picture is what you’ll actually get?

We’re experts in the field of cafe furniture and we’ve put together a short guide to risk-free furniture shopping online.

Measure, Measure

It sounds pretty obvious but since you’re not going to able to physically view the product measuring is a crucial element of online furniture shopping. Not only do you need to measure the space in which your product is to be placed but it’s vital to take note of its dimensions too. If your furniture expands in some way, perhaps an extendable dining table or a reclining sofa, then allow for the largest version it can be.

You’ll also need to bear in mind that you may need some other measurements too as your furniture may not arrive at your door ready assembled. Don’t forget to measure the size of relevant doorways or stairways to be sure that you can get your delivery to where it needs to be.

Check out the reviews

Naturally, product descriptions are written to sound appealing and often a piece of furniture will be pitched so as to suit your exact needs. Be wary since often reviews tell a different story. Checking out the reviews is a key element of successful online furniture shopping so we recommend you focus on items which have plenty of reviews available for you to read.

Ask for swatches

It can be difficult to judge online photos of furniture. Although you’ll get a general idea of the shape and style of a product, the photos are usually taken in the best light possible and have sometimes been retouched or edited before being placed on the company website. Textures and colours, especially, can vary from one computer screen to another and be quite different when viewed in person. If viewing the product before you buy isn’t an option, then try asking the retailer if they can send you a swatch of the fabric to help you decide.

Check the returns policy

Before committing to a purchase always check out the returns policy so you know just what you’re getting into. Some retailers allow you to return large items provided you pay for the return shipping costs. Others may charge a restocking fee. Some items, such as upholstered sofas or chairs in non-standard colours or products made to order, may not be able to be returned at all.

Shipping and delivery costs

Most online retailers charge a delivery fee for larger sized items which are in addition to, or instead of the normal shipping costs. When online shopping always check out the delivery fees and factor these into the price of the item of furniture.

Buying cafe furniture online shouldn’t be fraught with fear and worry that you’re taking a huge gamble. Simply bear the above points in mind next time you’re considering a big purchase.

Here at Cafe Chairs Sydney as well as our online store we also have a physical showroom where you can come and see our products first hand, totally eliminating any worries you may have. Hope to see you there!

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